FBC Bank rolls out ZIPIT Smart merchant & bill payments

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ZIPIT Smart has been around for a little while now and is the one innovation that could dethrone EcoCash as the mobile money king/queen of Zimbabwe. The service allows you to make payments through channels like bank USSD, bank mobile apps, and ZIPIT Smart platforms. The defining feature ZIPIT Smart has is that it works through your bank account. Making it a mobile payments solution that isn’t encumbered by restrictions like EcoCash.

A number of banks have been going through the process of onboarding the service. NMB Bank, for example, seems to have the system up and running because you can make ZIPIT Smart transactions through the bank’s USSD and NMB Connect app. Another bank that has made ZIPIT smart functionality available to customers is FBC Bank. The bank today announced that its customers can now access ZIPIT Smart merchant and bill payments.

“The FBC ZIPIT Smart Mobile payment solution allows any bank account holder to execute seamless and swift transactions whilst maintaining social distancing, as the client will simply pay for goods or services without the need for touching keypads/touchpads of a POS machine and passing an ATM Card to the cashier for swiping.”

Roy Nyakunuwa – Acting Head, FBC Group Marketing

How FBC Bank customers can make ZIPIT Smart payments via USSD

To start of you will need to enter FBC’s USSD code *220# and then:

  • Select banking services
  • Enter 4 digital pin
  • Select Merchant payment option 6
  • Choose option 1 which is Zipit smart
  • Select card or account
  • Enter merchant code
  • Enter amount
  • Press 1 confirm the transaction

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