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ZIMSEC leaked O-level Maths paper: the plot thickens

ZIMSEC, Grade 7, O-level, A-level Results Exam papers O Level 2020

We wrote about the ZIMSEC O Level Mathematics paper that was leaked before last week’s exam. ZIMSEC was yet to give us comment and they still haven’t.

While still waiting on a comment from ZIMSEC, we have managed to verify the authenticity of the images. A candidate who sat for the O-level mathematics paper 2 has confirmed it is indeed the paper that was written last week Thursday.

Confirmation of leak

I can explicitly say that the images were received on Wednesday well before the exam and I strike the allegedly part off my initial article as I confidently say:

The ZIMSEC O-level Mathematics Paper 2 examination was undeniably leaked.

ZIMSEC employee accused of selling exam papers

To add to ZIMSEC’s saga an employee of the ZIMSEC Norton Printing Press, Arnold Maimba was charged with violating the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (Zimsec) Act when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs Victoria Mashamba.

Maimba allegedly stole the O-level 2020 Mathematics paper 1 & 2 and the O-level 2020 English paper 1 &2. All four papers are important examinations.

It was stated in court on Saturday that the 22-year-old stole a copy of the O-Level Mathematics papers 1 and 2 at his place of work and hid them under his jersey before he went home. Maimba allegedly smuggled out the mathematics examination papers on the 27th of November 2020 and the English papers using the same tactic on the 3rd of December 2020.

He is then suspected to have sold the papers to ZIMSEC candidates before the examination dates. Investigations led to Maimba’s arrest which has now led to the police hunting down his customers.

The State led by Mr Lancelotte Mutsokoti opposed bail, saying there was overwhelming evidence against Maimba and considering the jail term he faced, this could encourage him to flee from justice.

Maimba’s bail application will continue to be heard today in court.

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3 thoughts on “ZIMSEC leaked O-level Maths paper: the plot thickens

  1. ZIMSEC should abandon the practice of having all schools writing the same exam for every subject throughout the country. There should be options which schools or prospective candidates can choose from, for all subject areas. This will minimise the potential impact of any leak of any exam paper and ultimately even discourage would-be exam thieves as the whole enterprise would be more or less unprofitable or not worth the while as they would have to first check which options potential customers are to sit for before picking on the paper to steal.
    Cambridge had many options for many examinable subject, especially mathematics, English Literature, sciences, history etc. whether this be at Ordinary or Advanced Levels
    Moreover, how does a youth of 22 years come to work in a sensitive area such as where public examinations are processed or printed? What requirements were met by the person to enable him to be in this ‘security’ zone?.

    1. we have to re-write that paper..How can someone score A then l get a D just because that someone knew the paper…if we don’t re-write the paper it will be difficult for us to work in other countries.ZIMSEC’S reputation will be tanished…

  2. we have to re-write that paper..How can someone score A then l get a D just because that someone knew the paper…

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