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EcoCash bank to wallet limits

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I am sure that there are many of you who have your EcoCash linked to your bank account. This facility was made available ages ago and allows you to move money from you EcoCash wallet to your bank and vice versa.

So back when the RBZ issued the directive to limit mobile money transactions to ZWL$5000 and then to ZWL$35 000. The one thing that wasn’t talked about or made clear was how this was going to affect EcoCash bank to wallet transactions limits.

Well, luckily EcoCash has now made that information available in a Facebook post. The limits are, of course, the same for all banks:

BankTransaction Limit (ZWL$)Daily Limit (ZWL$)Monthly Limit (ZWL$)
ZB Bank 10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
Agribank10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
NBS10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
POSB10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
EcoBank10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
FBC Bank10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
CBZ Bank10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
BancABC10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
Stanbic Bank10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
Steward Bank10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
First Capital Bank10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
CABS10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00
NMB10 000.0035 000.00150 000.00

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8 thoughts on “EcoCash bank to wallet limits

  1. CBZ, that is not true. CBZ allows you to move $5000 RTGS per day only. After that it refuses to move anymore money into your wallet from the account.

  2. Honestly I mc online betting, pakangouya zvima limits izvi u can no longer withdraw your money and on some sites like Betpawa(my favorite) even allowed to bet

  3. Thsese limits are ridiculous given the volumes of monies that we need on daily basis to transect and make a living?

  4. Time to review weekly limits in line with inflationary trends. ZW$ has lost so much value since the limits were last pegged.

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