Google Chrome update will help you make your passwords stronger

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Picking a password these days is difficult what with all these new services and platforms we want to join. Most times it’s just easier to repeat the one password you can remember or worse still a birthday. This of course isn’t safe because account hacks are a more common occurrence than is reported. We have to protect our accounts and personal information and to this end, Google has added something that will help in the latest Chrome update.

If you aren’t using a password manager like LastPass or if you don’t want another add-on you can use Chrome for password management. This, I’m sure you are already aware, was a feature Google baked into Chrome back a while back.

With this new update, you can now complete a simple check to see which one of your passwords is weak. It also allows you to edit your passwords in one place.

To access this feature on desktop, you click on your profile and then select the little key icon. After doing that you’ll then see the list of passwords you have saved, this is if you are using Chrome as a password manager.

If you’d like to use Chrome as your password manager you can into the above-mentioned settings menu and turn on “offer to save passwords”

To check which passwords are weak you need to click on “check passwords” and Chrome will indicate which ones are not up to scratch and the links you’ll need to go to change them.

Google has started rolling out the update for users on iOS and Desktop but says that the update will be dropping for Android users in the coming weeks.

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