Technikari with Norman Moyo, CEO of Distributed Power Africa (DPA)

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Distributed Power Africa, Norman Moyo, Technikari

Technikari conversations roll on and on this one we are joined by Norman Moyo, Chief Executive Officer of Econet Subsidiary, Distributed Power Africa (DPA).

“Distributed Power Africa (DPA) is a market leader in Africa, in innovative renewable energy solutions. We have operations across Africa including in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. DPA’s mission is to increase the continent’s uptake of renewable solar energy as a comprehensive and reliable source of power by eliminating the barrier of initial capital outlay, optimizing power usage, and reducing costs. The company supplies commercial & industrial businesses and individuals with efficient green solar energy without an initial capital outlay.”


On this episode we talked about:

  • Distributed Power Africa’s business model.
  • DPA’s projects across Africa.
  • Commercial & Industrial, Residential and Rural installations
  • Distributed Power Africa in Zimbabwe: Relationships with the government and its regulating bodies as well as corporates and private entities.
  • DPA’s Electric Vehicle charging stations in Zimbabwe
  • Crowdsource solar projects

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