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Huawei & NetOne partner on US$400k mobile broadband project

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State-owned mobile network operator (MNO) NetOne has partnered with Chinese technology firm Huawei to improve mobile broadband services. The partnership which is the tune os US$400k is expected to commence soon and will employ over 1 500 people.

“We have partnered with Netone company to upgrade the network speed as well as improving mobile broadband speed, especially in remote areas. During the implementation of the NetOne Phase II project, the network planning covers remote mountainous areas. In some remote areas, only NetOne provides services which achieves good social benefits and public recognition”

Jeckie Jiang, Huawei via The Herald

NetOne has been struggling with mobile data of late and this new project will help the MNO with its service delivery. On top of that Jeckie Jiang also said that the new systems will also aid in upping security.

With the world moving rapidly onto digital services, hackers have also stepped up their efforts when it comes to breaching network defences.

“The government attaches great importance to NetOne’s investment in mobile networks and communications infrastructure. This ensures communication security and improves the general service level of telecoms”

Jeckie Jiang, Huawei via The Herald

As mentioned earlier this project will create over a thousand job and this is coming at a really good time. The pandemic has meant forced companies to scale back their workforce. NetOne partnering with Huawei will in some way help get those in the telecoms sector a source of income in these very difficult times.

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