US$100K backed local agritech startup sets its sights on expansion

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FarmHut, Ryan Katayi, Hult Prize Foundation

Last week we reported on a local agritech startup called FarmHut that had received backing to the tune of US$100K from the Hult Prize Foundation. FarmHut, which is primarily an e-commerce and consultancy operation, is looking to bring the estimated 70% of people in Zimbabwe who rely on subsistence farming closer to buyers and markets. In this episode, we were joined by the CEO of FarmHut, Ryan Katayi to talk more about how the startup started and what the future has in store.

On top of Ryan Katayi and FarmHut’s journey we also discussed:

  • FarmHut’s subscription-based business model.
  • How smallholder farmers sign on to the service.
  • The proportion of urban-based vs rural-based smallholder farmers FarmHut has onboard.
  • Issues FarmHut has had with farmer verification for the platform.
  • Businesses and organisations that use FarmHut’s pool of farmers to access produce.
  • Other services that the agritech startup has beyond offering a market place.
  • The complicated issue of e-commerce in farming and logistics.
  • How FarmHut is addressing the connectivity issues of its rural client base.
  • The plans FarmHut has for the US$100K funding they received from the Hult Prize Foundation.

You can check out FarmHut for yourself with the link here

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