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Beware of the DStv gift card scam

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Online scams seem to have become the natural order of things over the last couple of years. We have seen a rise in the number and craftiness of ruses that are meant to suck people in with the lure of free things. Most recently we were alerted to a 6-digit verification code scam that purported to be a joint promotion from Econet and NetOne. As I am sure you are all aware that it is highly unlikely that the two would come together on promotion on a primary product offering like data. It looks like the scam game has evolved to another Zimbabwean staple. According to reports, there has been an email circulating offering a DStv gift card.

The email is reportedly coming from an unspecified “” account unaffiliated with Multichoice or DStv and as I am sure you’ve already guessed there is no gift card. Before more people fall prey to this scam DStv has issued a prompt response to the gift card scam with the following statement from Multichoice Zimbabwe Public Relations Manager Liz Dziva.

We strongly urge avoidance of this illegal offer and remind subscribers that genuine offers from MultiChoice come from recognised sources and can be verified through our national telecall centre and customer care centres.

We do not know the purpose of this scam but it could well be aimed at invading privacy or extorting money and is to be ignored and deleted.

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DStv aside, if you receive anything that says it’s a promotion and it wants you to sign up or give any personal information, it’s prudent to contact the company that is “supposedly” running it. Companies like DStv and others have a number of customer services channels including WhatsApp where you can make an inquiry.

If you don’t have the contact, many companies have that information online or you can ask anyone you know to give you contact information they have used before.

It’s better to be safe than sorry…

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