EcoCash’s Zimswitch services including bank to wallet are down

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EcoCash has in a statement announced that it’s Zimswitch services are down.


EcoCash/Zimswitch service interruption

Dear Valued Customers,
Please be advised that you may experience intermittent service disruptions on EcoCash / Zimswitch transactions due to a technical challenge.

Efforts are underway to restore normal service as soon as possible.
All other EcoCash services remain unaffected by the disruption and remain fully available.

For any further assistance, kindly contact our toll-free customer support number 114 or SMS our helpline 0771 222 114

EcoCash via Twitter

We tried an EcoCash Bank to Wallet transaction and we got the following error:

Nedbank to EcoCash Wallet

It looks like the outage affecting Zimbabwe Shared Services (ZSS) has now stretched to EcoCash and could be affecting mobile money. Since banks like BancABC have been affected by the outage, it stands to reason that ZSS has a pivotal part to play in the communication of services across mobile money and traditional financial institutions.

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