ZSS outage affecting BancABC and others

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Zimbabwe Shared Services (ZSS), is one of the country’s leading financial services provider. They offer services that range from e-banking solutions to cloud services. Basically, ZSS is a company that enables banks through providing technologies to meet customer needs and demands.

ZSS, has in a statement, notified customers that a number of its services are down. The statement reads as follows:

Dear Valued Customer,

Kindly note that we are having challenges with our systems, and our engineers are working flat out to restore service.
The following services have been affected,

-All short codes


-Postilion portals


Zimbabwe Shared Services ZSS

ZSS’ clients include banks like NBS, CBZ, EcoBank, MyCash, BancABC and more. If you noticed this morning BancABC put out a statement that it was facing challenges with its USSD and Internet Banking platforms:

We think that the outage is a result of the challenges being faced by ZSS and it could be affecting other banks in the company’s network. As with all things of this nature we reached out to ZSS and were told that their technicians are working to resolve the issues.


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