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Econet is having issues with calls and USSD

Econet HQ bundles prices

It looks like all is not well at Econet. Over the course of the day making calls and accessing the USSD have gotten progressively harder to do. When I tried to make a call just now there was no connection, even though my network reception was good.

It’s unclear if other Econet services have been affected but when we asked the Techzim community on Twitter there were a few who said data was also iffy. As with all matters like these, we reached out to Econet for a statement or clarification but we haven’t heard back.

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13 thoughts on “Econet is having issues with calls and USSD

  1. The Econet data connection as at 1900hrs is totally down this side both on my phone & also the Econet dongle i’m trying to use on my PC….i’ve been trying to connect for about an hour now after buying a private WiFi bundle but it ain’t working

  2. I asked for an ecocash reversal on 1 July 23:08, since then, they have been replying with this message:

    Hi Buddie, we apologize for the experience. Kindly note that our EcoCash system is intermittent and we are having challenges in accessing your account. However, work is underway to restore the service. You may keep checking on us so that we can look into the issue and assist you. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted. ^KGU

    Just a few more weeks, I guess šŸ˜…

  3. Since 7 April ecocash has not reversed my amount i had used to purchase a bundle through yomix,i have called them over 5 times to no use

  4. We do livestreaming, econet data is the most expensive yet the poorest. This is not the Econet we know. Whats happening with Econet? Is this the collapse of a giant. Why has this problem taken long unaddressed?

  5. I’ve never experienced a poor data connection like this in my entire life… Durai zve but data racho richishanda.. Pliz Econet find a way out for this

  6. Given the ‘success’ of Strive Masiyiwa one wonders why his enterprises at least in Zim are such a mess? Econet/ ecocash, STEWARD, ZOL to name a few all have very poor customer service and other continuous issues! Is it his management style/ the people he employs Zimbabwe….??

  7. Econet has been disappointing me too much lately. I used to download files of 250MB at speeds of 1-2mb/s now its only hitting a max speed of 300kbs.

  8. Really, l dont know what’s happening with the data connection. Its a messā€¦.automatically switches itself off and the network goes.

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