New Econet data, social media & SMS bundle prices -July 2021

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Econet router MiFi Data social media sms bundle prices price

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe yesterday announced that it was reviewing the prices of data, SMS and social media bundles.

This price increase follows the one Econet announced back in March this year and the country’s biggest mobile network operator has, on its website, updated the prices for bundles:

Prices take effect from the 8th of July 2021

Econet data bundle prices

BundleSize MBsOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
2 Hour data bundle1,024120.00156.00
2 Hour data bundle1,536203.00203.00
1 Hour data bundle1,02472.0094.00
e-Learning 10GB102401720.002240
Smart Plan 30 (Postpaid)102403500
Daily data bundles
Data AllocationOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
20 MB20.0025.00
40 MB38.0050.00
80 MB77.0097.00
150 MB139.00180.00
400 MB228.00295.00
600 MB360.00465.00
1200 MB540.00700.00
Weekly data Bundle
Data AllocationOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
20 MB20.0025.00
60 MB58.0075.00
160 MB151.00195.00
250 MB234.00300.00
370 MB288.00375.00
Monthly data bundles
Data AllocationOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
100 MB101.00126.00
270 MB270.00340.00
500 MB480.00620.00
700 MB636.00825.00
1 400 MB1200.001550.00

Social media bundles

Daily Bundles
DataPackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
4MBWhatsApp and Pinterest5.005.00
12MBWhatsApp and Pinterest12.0015.00
20MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai20.0025.00
20MBFacebook, Snapchat and Sasai20.0025.00
20MBInstagram and Sasai14.0019.00
20MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai14.0019.00
45MBInstagram and Sasai32.0042.00
45MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai43.0042.00
45MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai43.0055.00
45MBFacebook,SnapChat and Sasai43.0055.00
Weekly Bundles
DataPackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
65MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai61.0080.00
140MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai126.00164.00
140MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai126.00164.00
140MBInstagram and Sasai90.00117.00
140MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai90.00117.00
Monthly Bundles
DataPackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
240MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai209.00270.00
400MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai342.00445.00
400MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai342.00445.00
400MBInstagram and Sasai234.00304.00
400MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai234.00304.00
Private Wi-Fi Bundles
DataOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Sasai Bundles (unchanged)
Data AllocationPrice (ZWL$)
Daily 20 MB2.00
Daily 45 MB5.00
Weekly 65 MB6.00
Weekly 140 MB14.00
Monthly 220 MB25.00
Monthly 450 MB35.00
Voice and SMS bundles
Bundles of Joy
PackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Daily 2 Minutes8.4010.00
Daily 4 Minutes18.0022.00
Daily 10 Minutes48.0056.00
Weekly 30 Minutes164.00180.00
Weekly 45 Minutes241.00265.00
SMS Bundles
PackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Daily 5 SMS2.092.40
Daily 10 SMS4.184.82
Daily 25 SMS10.4512.05
Daily 35 SMS14.6516.85
Weekly 75 SMS23.8130.00
Weekly 125 SMS39.6850.00
Weekly 200 SMS63.5080.00
Weekly 300 SMS95.25120.00

Telecel and NetOne won’t be too far behind in reviewing their prices for data bundles.


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  1. Musiwa Silas

    Thanks TechZim for updating us on this tariffs review by Econet. I’ve been reading tech news on your website since 2014 and let me highlight that you’re a credible news source. Just like you,
    I’m on Twitter @MusiwaSilas

  2. Angry citizen

    Econet is a wicked… terrible… evil company….how can they say effective from 8 July when they have already changed their prices …… infact i think this is A good move for the public to sue them for misleading the general public

  3. FlySidd

    Ko Mari Yekukwereta haina kukwira wani?


      Hoo makuda kukweretawo pakuru😀

  4. Andile

    Ummmm Econet is now fighting with us here ummmm👐👐🙅

  5. FlySidd

    I don’t get why the hourly bundle is only available on Sunday

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