Local startup AfriBlocks to co-host US-based blockchain summit

Black Blockchain Summit 2021 AfriBlocks

Local freelance startup and the first Zimbabwean startup to be selected for US-based incubator, Afriblocks, will be co-hosting the 2021 Black Blockchain Summit. The conference will be held over three days starting from the 24th of September in Washington DC (and beamed virtually).

“We are excited to co-host such a major event. This summit is another step in the widespread adoption of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is our aim that AfriBlocks becomes one of the tools that will play a role in the balancing of the professional playing field.”

Tongayi Choto, CEO and co-founder of AfriBlocks

This year’s theme is “Reparation and Revolutions” devoting the proceedings to finding solutions for the Black community in using blockchain technology. Black Blockchain Summit 2021 will also be a meeting place for Black entrepreneurs, blockchain enthusiasts and leaders in the tech space.

The organizers believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, can be crucial keys in creating a more equitable society. Speakers and panellists will discuss the production of market-ready blockchain products and solutions that have present-day applications.

AfriBlocks uses blockchain technology to address the future of work while connecting African labour with the rest of the world. As part of the 2021 Black Blockchain Summit, AfriBlocks seeks to encourage more people from Africa to participate in the summit to play a more prominent role in the conversation about technology and its role in solving challenges faced by the Black community worldwide. 

You can register for the summit with the link here

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