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EduXpert e-learning courses

If you have been on YouTube over the last five years or so then you’ll be familiar with ads for a company called Skillshare. What the firm essentially does is offer anyone who wants to teach or learn a trade or skill the opportunity to do so. It’s basically like the aforementioned YouTube but with more curation of topics based around learning. And it looks like there is a Zimbabwean alternative to this that goes by the name EduXpert.

As with anything that comes out of Zimbabwe, EduXpert was born out of necessity. The site was created a couple of months ago by Panashe Mashungupa and Patience Munamato from Kosmos Technologies. They saw a deficiency in the market where education was concerned especially for primary and secondary schools.

With public health lockdowns affecting classes, they wanted to meet both the needs of the student in keeping up with their studies as well as teachers in supplementing their income. They then populated the site with material for Grade 7, O-Level and A-Level students. Courses range from guides that go for ZWL$50.00 to course sections that are up to ZWL$1000.00. From that money, the tutor gets 70% off and EduXpert takes the remainder.

Similarly, if you have a skill that you want to teach the site offers you an avenue to monetise your knowledge and experience. You can register as a tutor and start making content about your field. This is also open for companies that develop software, for example. They can upload tutorials for the range of products they develop and make money off that too.

EduXpert essentially wants to decentralise education and make learning more available to anyone anywhere in Zimbabwe. And you can check out the site for yourself with the link here.

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  1. Anonymous

    That site is super slow

    1. EduXpert

      Thank you for the comment , our team has been working to make sure its fast and I can confirm that the site has now improved . Thank you for your input .

  2. Imi vanhu musadaro

    It’s a nice concept, but there’s a slight delay opening the site, not sure why.

  3. EduXpert

    Thank you for your input , we have done some changes to avoid delays and currently is now fast .