Uncapped LTE data prices Zimbabwe versus South Africa

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There is nothing that I loath more than data bundles for specific services and zero-rating. Essentially what you have is an Internet Service Provider or Internet Access Provider going out of their way to be a referee in the content game. It’s the reason why bad apps like WhatsApp triumph over good apps like Telegram. I, however, love uncapped packages. LTE is the easiest way to get online for most people. All you need is a modem and a SIM card. Recently I came across some of the best uncapped LTE deals in South Africa. Which made me wonder, how do Zimbabwean deals compare to this?

Uncapped LTE PackageSpeedRestrictionsPrice in USDPrice in ZWL
Rain 19 hoursUp to 10 MbpsOnly unlimited for 19 hours per day$17$2 550
Rain 4G for PhonesUp to 10 MbpsOnly used on phones without tethering$20$3 000
Rain 4GUp to 10 Mbps360p video, VPN and torrents throttled.$33$5 000
Rain 5GUp to 30 Mbps720p video$50$7 200
Telkom UnlimitedUp to 10 Mbps and then 2 Mbps if you exceed 300GB300GB fair usage data$52$7 800
Rain Unlimited 5GAbout 300 MbpsNo Fair Usage$70$10 500
MTN UnlimitedUp to 150 MbpsNo Fair Usage Policy$70$10 500
Afrihost MTNUp 150 Mbps1 TB usage policy$205$30 750
ZOL HomeUp to 15 MbpsUnknown Fair Usage Policy$67$10 191
ZOL Nano OfficeUp to 7 MbpsUnknown Fair Usage Policy$72$10 705
ZOL Micro OfficeUp to 10 MbpsUnknown Fair Usage Policy$105$15 843
ZOL Small OfficeUp to 15 MbpsUnknown Fair Usage Policy$168$25 263
Utande SuperMaxUp to 5 MbpsUnknown Fair Usage Policy$100
Utande MegamaxUp to 10 MbpsUnknown Fair Usage Policy$169
Utande GigamaxUp to 15 MbpsUnknown Fair Usage Policy$250

NB a rate of $150 ZWL per 1 USD was used to convert prices to ZWL. It’s not the official rate but the market. Also, Utande has constantly changing ZWL prices based upon a rate I could not determine.

Clearly, whether it’s prices or speeds the South African’s have us truly beaten. Our LTE speeds are decent enough but nothing to write home about. We also don’t have 5G not that I think it will really make any difference to our internet speeds. LTE speeds are barely breaking the 5 Mbps threshold outside Harare.

Econet and NetOne uncapped packages

Now here is something I have constantly asked myself. When we will see uncapped packages from traditional Mobile Network Operators? It has been years since we had GPRS and mobile data became a thing. In other countries, they have uncapped packages if only on phones without tethering.



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  1. Isaac Machakata

    πŸ™†πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ when will it Rain in Zimbabwe?

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    This comparison was free and fair


    Keep it up

  4. Lewis

    If rain comes to Zim,everyone will move to rain.I wonder what makes our data so exepensive,maybe it’s the cost of manufacturing it.I really don’t have any idea

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    When it rains, it pours

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