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Econet data services are down countrywide

There have been numerous reports of Econet’s Data services missing in action in a majority of the parts of the country. Econet has not issued a statement yet but its subscribers are already calling them out on social media. The last time Econet had such an outage, the official statement was an issue on their […]

5G is terrible right now. But it has a very useful and exciting future

5G is the current and most advanced mobile communication method right now. It’s been here for quite some time and in Zimbabwe, it was introduced by Econet beginning of 2022. But the world over, 5G has not been performing as well as advertised. The kinds of speeds being promised are over 1Gbps and yet during […]

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has confirmed Starlink is coming to Zimbabwe this year. South Africa’s date is still unknown

For those that are unaware, Starlink is a SpaceX project providing internet all over the globe. It works in the same way as VSAT in that you buy a piece of equipment that faces the sky and connects you to the internet via a satellite above you in space. Starlink service will be available in […]

Verizon closes the door on 3G in the USA, the last MNO to do so. Just how far behind is Africa?

Verizon has brought down the curtain on 3G tech in the USA. They announced their intentions back in 2019 and have been facing a number of delays but the final deadline was set on 31 December 2022. Verizon was also the last major carrier to still be offering 3G with AT&T and T-Mobile having winded […]

USD LTE data bundles compared. Econet, Telecel, NetOne, Utande, TelOne and Liquid Home

Let’s talk about USD bundles. They came hot on the scene and the promise is you get more value when you pay in USD. But how much value is it really and who has the best value hands down? Time for some tables. In this head-to-head, we have several categories. Device support: Works in which […]

Apple’s iMessage not bothering with RCS. Android brings iMessage support to Google Messages instead.

“I don’t hear our users asking that we put a lot of energy in on that at this point,” Cook said when asked how Apple founder Steve Jobs would feel about using the RCS standard in iMessage during Vox Media’s Code 2022 event on Wednesday night. Instead, Cook said, “I would love to convert you […]

Dolphin Telecom plus 2 other MVNOs. We wanted competition and it’s here. Almost

In an address by the POTRAZ Director General Dr. Gift Machengete, it was revealed that 3 companies have been granted Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) licenses to operate in Zimbabwe with Dolphin Telecoms being the one that is closest to going live. the other 2 are yet to be named. It is exciting stuff because […]

Experiencing call drops and dodgy 4G? Don’t blame your service provider. It’s probably your phone.

Many times someone you know is complaining about their phone just not being reliable. Calls just spontaneously drop and network connectivity just falls from 4G to 3G or even 2G without any warning. I remember back in 2015 I bought an LG G4 and it was a 4G capable device. However, when I put my […]

How do Zim mobile data prices compare to other countries in the region? Not too bad

The question came up a few times these past months, is internet access now cheap in Zimbabwe, relative to other countries in the region. The main point was that we are paying less for data than we were in the past because of inflation coupled with infrequent price hikes. It does not feel like it […]

NetOne joins the club, raises voice, data and SMS prices but still very cheap

We knew this was coming, Econet raised their tariffs on Wednesday and NetOne will be doing the same. The regulator, POTRAZ, approved of these price hikes and I’ll stand by it, this was long overdue. NetOne’s new, higher prices, will be be in effect on Friday the 15th of July. Here’s what you will be […]

Econet voice, data and SMS bundles going up, now it’s 43 minutes for the price of a loaf of bread

You know the drill by now. Inflation is somehow still getting worse and the ZW$ is crashing even faster. That means companies have to constantly adjust their prices otherwise they won’t be able to break even. Econet is doing just that on Wednesday. Econet Wireless announced via their social media accounts that voice, data and […]

NetOne customers, there’s a big system upgrade happening tonight

State-owned mobile network operator NetOne, has announced that it will be carrying out a major system upgrade that will hamper regular services tonight. The statement from NetOne about the system upgrade reads as follows: Major System Upgrade Dear Valued Customer, NetOne wishes to advise that there will be a major system upgrade from 23:00hrs, 30 […]

Econet data outage caused by core network “incident”. MNO says service is back up

This afternoon (towards the early evening), social media and WhatsApp were awash with reports of an Econet data outage. Customers were reporting that mobile internet services went dark for most of the late afternoon, while others were saying service was intermittent. We reached out to Econet when we reported the mobile data outage and they […]

What’s going on with Econet’s mobile internet services

We have been seeing reports that Econet mobile internet services went completely off sometime this afternoon. It’s unclear at the moment if this is a nationwide blackout because there are some people who responded to our call on Twitter saying that Econet mobile data was working on their end. Whatsapp groups are also alight with […]

Econet’s smart USD bundle no longer the smart option, use ZW$ instead

Each and everyone of us is looking for a bargain. It doesn’t matter what we’re buying, we would pay nothing if that was possible. Unlucky for us, bargain hunting has never been more difficult in Zimbabwe where one has to contend with multiple currencies and ever changing exchange rates. Businesses are trying to encourage us […]

Telecel customers, voice and data bundle prices are going up

Zimbabwe’s smallest mobile network operator, Telecel, has announced that it will be increasing data and voice bundle prices tomorrow (9/06/2022) The statement that Telecel made on Twitter reads as follows: “To our valued customers, please be advised we will be reviewing our voice and data bundle prices. T&C’s apply.” Telecel on Twitter You can buy […]

Econet voice, data, and SMS bundle prices are going up tomorrow

Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator (MNO) Econet has announced in a tweet, that voice, data, and SMS bundles prices are going up tomorrow. The statement by Econet reads as follows: PUBLIC NOTICE Dear Customers, Please note, we will review our Voice, Data & SMS bundle prices effective, Thursday 19 May, 2022. To access Voice & […]

Econet brings 5G to Bulawayo at ZITF2022

The country’s largest mobile network operator, Econet yesterday launched its 5G service in Bulawayo at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF2022). This was at the company’s very impressive ZITF2022 installation which dwarfed what was in the main hall, we even started chucking figures, guessing as to how much Econet paid to reserve such a large […]

Econet’s Smart USD bundles are cheaper than MTN’s in South Africa. There’s much to discuss

Econet Wireless launched Smart USD bundles yesterday that allow customers to purchase voice airtime, data and SMS in USD.  Customers can buy this USD airtime either through the EcoCash FCA wallet or by purchasing physical recharge cards or vouchers. Said Econet spokesperson, Customers will be able to purchase the bundles via their EcoCash FCA wallet, […]

Zimbos put the fear of God into NetOne over the ridiculous data prices

Last week NetOne announced a price adjustment for its OneFi data packages that would have seen 80GB going for ZWL$99,000 which was US$800 at the auction rate. After a day-long public outcry, the state-owned mobile network operator saw the light and reduced the prices to a more realistic range. You can listen to or download […]

Netone reverses price hikes after public outcry. How much should they charge?

NetOne gave the nation a shock when they increased their data bundle tariffs by a significant margin. They had announced that prices would be going up today but few would have foreseen the entry level 10GB package’s price going up by over 3.5 times. The memes were flowing on social media about how ridiculous the […]

US$800 for 80GB, NetOne’s new One Fi prices are killing its MiFi use case

I am still reeling from NetOne’s new One Fi bundle prices… What possible justification can there be that a mobile network operator is charging tens of thousands of dollars more than internet service providers (ISPs) for similar packages and even more than uncapped packages? $99,000 for 80 GB?! NetOne’s new data prices (February 2022) Here’s […]

$99,000 for 80 GB?! NetOne’s new data prices (February 2022)

State-owned mobile network operator, NetOne Cellular yesterday announced that it would be increasing data bundle tariffs today. And like many, I was expecting a modest rise in prices however what I saw when I went to NetOne’s One-Fi bundles scared the life out of me… NetOne One-Fi Bundle Prices Bundle Old Price (ZWL$) New Price […]

Internet throttled during Yellow Sunday plus 10% internet tax is bad for Zimbabwe

Netblocks, the watchdog organisation that monitors cybersecurity and governance of the internet, reported yesterday that Zimbabwe’s internet services degraded or were being throttled during the Citizens Coalition For Change’s (CCC) Yellow Sunday Rally. “Network data from NetBlocks confirm a significant slowing of internet service for many users in Zimbabwe on Sunday 20 February 2022, as […]

Telecel is giving loyal customers 30 free call minutes

Telecel Zimbabwe has a loyalty program, unlike anything we have seen in recent memory. The countries smallest mobile network operator (MNO) is giving its staunch customers 30 free minutes in a promotion called MaMinutes eMonaz. “To our loyal subscribers, you will be awarded 30 minutes free Telecel to Telecel voice calls in the next coming […]

Telecel says it has sorted out the intermittent service disruption

Telecel Zimbabwe has announced on Twitter that it has sorted out the intermittent service disruption that the mobile network operator was facing this week. Telecel would like to inform you that our network has been restored. We thank you for your patience and any inconveniences caused are sincerely regretted. Telecel on Twitter Earlier this week […]

Telecel isn’t feeling too good, customers say its been down for days (again)

Telecel seems to be going through yet another rough patch… The country’s smallest mobile network operator put out a statement on the 29th of January 2022 saying that it was facing network challenges. However, Telecel’s customers have reached out to us saying the network has been down for days… To all our valued customers . […]

It only took Econet 24 days into 2022 to raise bundle prices

I think this one might be on me. A few articles ago I said that it was surprising that none of Zimbabwe’s mobile network operators (MNOs) had raised data bundle prices in 2022 and that must have sent some bad vibes into the universe because Econet has announced that it will be reviewing data bundle […]

NetOne’s 5GB ZWL$1,000 University bundle is a bargain for students

State-owned mobile network operator NetOne was on a launching spree towards the end of last year. The company entered the domestic remittance game with OneRemit and launched a gaming platform. To cap off the year NetOne announced the launch of a University only 5GB bundle that goes for ZWL$1,000. Here’s another exciting innovation for our […]

Telecel’s ZWL$400 Megaboost is pound for pound the best budget bundle in Zim

When it comes to combo (data, social media, voice and SMS) mobile network operator bundles there aren’t as many options out there as customers would like. The only choices on the market are Telecel’s MegaBoost and NetOne’s OneFusion bundles. Market leader Econet on the other hand doesn’t have one that comes close to what its […]