Local startup now allows you to register a domain on WhatsApp

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Resellme, buy a domain on WhatsApp

Late last month we reported on a local startup called Resellme that was opening the domain registration and web hosting game to anyone who felt those services aligned with their core product offering. So for instance a digital marketing company could become a Resellme agent and offer a full website service package with Resellme dealing with the back end nitty-gritty. In an announcement that couldn’t be any more Zimbabwean, the company has launched a service that allows agents to be able to register domains over WhatsApp.

All you need to do is follow the following steps:

  • Send “Register Domain” to +263 782 779 883
  • Enter your Email Address and password
  • After a successful login enter the domain you want to register
  • If domain is available, respond with 1 to register
  • Enter all the requested domain owner details
  • Next, enter the nameservers you wish to use for the domain. (If do don’t have use these: ns1.pnrhost.com ns2.pnrhost.com)
  • Done, the domain will be submitted to the registry and you will be responded to via email when processed

WhatsApp is the internet in Zim

The utility in this is pretty obvious. If you don’t have a wider internet mobile data bundle and you are on the move you will still be able to register a domain for your client. I say this because you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in Zimbabwe without a WhatsApp bundle, even a daily one.

They are relatively affordable and make communicating and commerce easy. According to ZIMSTAT and POTRAZ’s 2020 ICT Access by households and individuals report, over 90% of Zimbabweans access the internet through mobile data. Furthermore, of the people who partook in the survey, 38.3% of them said that the primary purpose they used a mobile phone was for WhatsApp.

All this information is relevant because Resellme now also allows anyone to register an account via the WhatsApp bot. Existing users will also be able to reset their information their login details through the bot as well. This is all great news because prospective users will not have to go outside the WhatsApp bundles in order to create an account.

It’s good to see that the team at Resellme has levelled up after the launch of the main site to accommodate other users without the wider internet. We hope to see further innovation and refinement of the product in the very near future.

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  1. Mk_D

    Great initiative. Innovation is directly proportional to the terrain!

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