Attention Spaces creators: Twitter now supporting select Spaces financially

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Twitter has launched a Twitter Spaces Spark Program which will initially be a three-month accelerator program that is “designed to discover and reward great Spaces on Twitter with financial, technical, and marketing support.”

As all social media platforms have realised, if there is no compelling content, there won’t be any users. It is sad to remember that 30.9% of Zimbabweans say they do not use the internet because there is no local content online. As was revealed in the ZIMSTAT ICT survey.

Lack of content = death of platform. Twitter wants to help Spaces creators make polished and engaging content to ensure growth and success of Spaces. After all, Spaces finds itself following the first live social audio platform, Clubhouse

Zimbabweans appear to have taken to Spaces like ducks to water. There seems to be Spaces being hosted every minute of every day. So I’m sure many will be excited to hear about the accelerator program.

How will Twitter support Spaces?

Those who qualify for the Twitter Spaces Spark Program can expect the following support:


  1. Payment of US$2500 monthly
  2. Monthly ad credits to promote their Spaces
  3. Other rewards


  1. Support from Twitter’s owned and operated social handles
  2. Promotional spotlights in Twitter content series
  3. Opportunities for prioritized in-app discoverability for well-performing Spaces


  1. Early access to new Twitter products and features
  2. Connection to other Creators in the Twitter Spaces Spark Program community
  3. Access to Twitter product leadership

That does sound like a good deal but they will then expect the creator to host their Space twice every week over the three months that the program will run.

Who is eligible to join?

The bad news is that the initial run will only be for US citizens. Twitter says this is just Phase 1 and future phases will include more countries. That means for now we Zimbabweans can make sure we meet the other requirements so that if and when the program finally comes to Zimbabwe we will be ready.

The eligibility requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older. Not much you can do to speed up time if you’re 14 for example but most Zimbo Spaces creators will be okay here.
  • Your account has 5,000 or more active followers. This one will be harder for most. No time to sit on our laurels, let’s get to acquiring more followers.
  • You have a complete profile with account name, bio, profile picture, and header image. Easy peasy. Edit that profile now.
  • Your account is not a state-affiliated media account. How will they know? Do you and you might sneak in, you political thing.
  • You can see more requirements here.

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