You may soon be able to hit pause while recording a WhatsApp voice note

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WhatsApp voice note to text pause record

The feature that I am sure many have been waiting for has finally hit the WhatsApp beta program. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on allowing you to pause while you are recording a voice note.


The pause function in beta seems to be available only to a select few testers on iOS. However, if you are in the WhatsApp Beta program and you see a waveform while recording a voice note then you are most likely going to get it.

Anyway, this feature is long overdue because it will save us all the trouble of having to re-record a voice note or send an additional one if something was left out. More importantly, it will mean that those who forget the point they were driving at will not send through a full-length album of a voice note that is 90% meandering until they remember what it was they wanted to say.

The only sad part about WhatsApp bringing the voice note recording pause button is that no one knows when it will be widely available. WhatsApp, for whatever reason, seems to be preoccupied with silly features but not the ones that people really want like a proper vacation/do not disturb mode, not that archive chats on silent business.

Here’s hoping that someone at the Meta-owned company pushes this one through…

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