Car review: the all-electric BYD T3, a minivan that packs a punch

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BYD T3 Review

Electric Vehicle Centre Africa (EVCA) is a local company that deals in electric cars and solar systems. The company recently invited us out to test drive the BYD T3, an all-electric powered mini-van.

BYD T3 features

Top Speed 100km/h (capped for the demo unit)
AC Charge Time6Hrs 30Mins
DC Charge Time 1Hr 30Mins
Battery Size50.3Kwh
Pricestarts from US$45,900

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  1. Anonymous

    U can literally buy a Porsche for that amount.

    1. Zett

      Kana wakapota uchinyutura you can go more than 300km.Nice car,i will consider it a good investnment if the car costs 20k and have a life span of 10years or more.The price tag of 40k needs the car to have a life span of more than 25years for it to be a good investment.

    2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      A really used Porse… 😂

      1. Anonymous

        A brand new Porsche from Dubai. Excluding tax.

        1. wokenman

          Well the cheapest car on the official Porsche Dubai website is the Macan starting at AED225,900 which translates to $61,220 – even if we remove 15% tichiti tax, that’s still $52,000. I need details on this magical 46k Porsche

          1. Anonymous

            It’s a car dealership.
            Im forgetting the name but they didn’t have an English website last time time I checked
            I will get back to you

            1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

              We haven’t even added duty and it’s difficult to find this unicorn.

    3. wokenman

      Show me a 46K brand new from showroom Porsche ndonotenga next week chaiye and give you a 5% finders fee.

      1. Blue Moon

        As unlikely as it sounds, it happens or used to happen before COVID, just not here! Automotive YouTube has shown me that given the right combination of circumstances, American dealerships would rather eat a short term loss than keep inventory beyond a certain point (they can lose allocations if they don’t move units etc). It doesn’t happen everyday but it’s to the point where these guys know to keep their eyes open for it. But let’s be real, if you are looking for a deal of that level on a performance vehicle, you might be better off going for a nice lexus or some American muscle in the long run coz Porsche maintenance will put you in the ground, especially in Zim😂

  2. Sir G

    It’s to much 😄😄

  3. Vegaz

    Quite cheap and value for money

  4. Blue Moon

    It’s a good thing it’s suitable for commercial use, coz the price is gonna need strong revenue to justify it. With all the benefits electric brings to the table, I can see it being not only viable, but ideal vehicle for the right customers




    import requests

  7. jonah

    tesla to the people

    1. Blue Moon

      You know, it just might happen! If the chinese built $25000 Tesla Hatchback makes it out of china alive after 2023, it could trickle down to more emerging markets. 🤞🏾

  8. Hugh Jarse

    Bringing them to Zimbabwe would be expensive though. By the time all the import duties, surtax and other rip-offs charges here are added, the price will be closer to treble that!

  9. Ohhhh

    Its a bit expensive ford f150 electric truck is going for 40k

  10. Big Teezy

    With a range of 300km for commercial vehicle not bad at all. But I seldom trust manufacturers claims, even if the it can do let’s say 250km as a city delivery vehicle it could be a good investment also the rates you could charge would be very competitive and if your base of operations is had access to a DC socket then you are set… Only if Zesa decides to play nice. But all in all the uses are numerous, even as a shuttle service vehicle this would be great… Now where to find an Angel investor willing to fund the idea

  11. Zambezi.

    Zim needs to scrap duty on all electric vehicles. Enable people to prefer them.
    Advantage? the latest ones can be programmed to charge off off peak.

    That smoothes out the grid. that is ZESA revenue when is most avaible, cars driving, unplugged when its least available.

    Also, solar car ports at work,

    Its not yet “sensble” for the Zimbo versus Honda fit, BUT WHEN CLIMATE LEGISLATION STARTS COMING, LIKE CORONA LEGISLATION DID, you will wish you had one.

  12. Keen

    No need to “nutura”…
    It charges itself when going down steep descent.