Telecel customers stand a chance of winning Mi-Fi routers, 10GB data & more in the Zvaendwa Promotion

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Zimbabwe’s third-largest mobile network operator Telecel has announced a Christmas Promotion dubbed Zvaendwa.

“We would like to inform you and our esteemed customers that Telecel Zimbabwe has launched a Christmas promotion dubbed Zvaendwa. This is a promotion meant to reward subscribers with Mi-fi and CPE devices plus free 10GB subscription for one month and up to 800 free minutes.”

Telecel Zimbabwe

The offer is available for prepaid or pay as you go subscribers only. For subscribers to qualify, they need to buy home Wi-Fi bundles on *470#, Whatsapp bundles on *480# and Cross net Voice Bundles on *146#. The Home Wi-Fi monthly bundles for this promotion include Z$3 000.00 for 10GB, Z$4 200.00 for 20GB and Z$7 000.00 for 50GB. Cross net voice bundles include Z$60.00 for 8 minutes valid for one day, Z$120.00 for 18 minutes valid for two days, Z$250.00 for 35 minutes valid for three days and Z$500.00 for 80 minutes valid for five days. And lastly the weekly WhatsApp bundles of Z$100.00 for 75MB and Z$200.00 for 155MB, and the monthly WhatsApp bundles of Z$290.00 for 270MB and Z$500.00 for 500MB.

“It is giving season and as Telecel Zimbabwe we want to be part of the festivities and reward our valuable customers with free data of upto 10GB plus some gadgets. Moreso, we understand the need for calls during the festive season, hence we are giving away upto 800 free minutes! So yes, go ahead and tell someone to come on over and enjoy the benefits of the Zvaendwa Christmas promotion!”

Mrs Angeline Vere, Telecel Chief Executive Officer

The more bundles a subscriber purchases, the more they increase their chance of winning weekly and monthly prizes. Subscribers can purchase any of the above-mentioned bundles for them to qualify.

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  1. Captain Jack Sparrow

    MNO in Zim should be serious with their promotions , a meagre 10gb that would not even last few hours to heavy internet users 🤪🤪🤪 hayaz no wonder why people are not joining the bandwagon , a very pathetic promotion from a very pathetic company …..

  2. Tkayz

    At least yazombo kosorawo Telecel ziii yacho tange tatofunga yakaendeswa nechi dzihwa mupengo

    At least there is still hope

    Thank you Telecel nekungo pfakanyikawo soo

  3. meager

    kkkkkk lol that’s indeed a “pathetic promotion” how long would a meager 10GB last,it’s just that internet access is prohibitively expensive in Zim,I mean the other reaso why it has been so expensive for years is that the majority dosen’t really care about internet access as long as Social media yake ichishanda the average Zimbo is fine,I mean on social media 10GB Is quite much,but for a real internet user like me that’s an insult to tell me that you seriously expect me to be content with 10GB,say for a month kkkkkk i keep on laughing

  4. Triple k

    I live in macheke its almost a month without network coverage.i have tried everything, talking to them on Facebook,whatsapp,tweeter even reporting to Potraz to no avail.ndaneta nazvo payinenge iripo kwacho inenge iri 2g. I wanted to be a loyal customer to telecel i bought my sim way way back masim achirikuita Us$30 mafone asat awanda zvekupenga,i have memories ndini ndega mfana anga ane fon mumaraini😌 but sadly telecel just yesterday i bought a netone sim and unfortunately its going to occupy my second sim slot in my nokia C1 android 9 smartphone
    PS ini ndakatenga line rangu re econet richinzi ndere Liberty ndakazongonzwa kuti ya econet

  5. Gamue Murume

    Guys 10 Gig idzo hamudzipedzi excerpt kana kwamuri network yacho irikubata 😂😂😂😂🤭

    1. Wrstwmn

      Too true Gamu, regai tiseke nhamo serugare

  6. Two Boy

    Technically, Telecel is insolvent. Had it not been a government company, it would be resting in peace.

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