NetOne hits 4 mil subs while Telecel is hanging on by a thread – POTRAZ Q2 2021 report

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The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has released the sector performance report for Q2 2021. One of the major highlights of the report is NetOne’s continued upward trend in terms of subscribers gained. NetOne has over the years slowly closed the chasm of the gap that exists between it and market leader Econet and Q2 2021 was no different as the state-owned mobile network operator (MNO) had an 8.2% appreciation in subscribers and in doing so breaking the 4 million subscriber mark.

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POTRAZ Q2 2021 Report

Econet was no slouch as the country’s biggest MNO increased its already impressive subscriber base by just over 200,000 new subscribers in the second quarter.

POTRAZ Q2 2021 Report

Telecel “bounces back”

After a very poor showing in Q1 2021 where the MNO lost 20% of its subscribers, Telecel has increased its active users by 0.2% in Q2 2021. The nation’s smallest mobile network operator has been plagued with problems, chief among them have been the boardroom wrangles it has had that have robbed the MNO of a clear identity and direction.

In addition, Telecel’s employees earlier this year pushed for the company to put into corporate rescue. The mobile network operator was the only player in the field not to make the most of the push to digital that saw mobile internet usage skyrocket during the height of the pandemic. This resulted in wage stagnation and degradation of service.

This very marginal gain is a silver lining. It shows at the very least that the slippery slope has been temporarily halted. What Telecel does now is going to key because it now has to show that it is has a fighting chance (however slim).

Although in saying that there needs to be a greater push and variety with the products and services on offer. The Telecel Go Points promotion was a decent start, but the folks at Telecel will need to get inventive if they want to sustainably compete in the space.


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  1. J

    The problem with Telecel is their network. They can run as many promotions as they like but the bottom line is,without network coverage hapana hapana
    1) They should stop competing with econet in major towns and cities rather do what netone is doing go to areas where there’s low to no econet coverage moisa tower ipapo
    2) maintain matowers you already have.wher i live ndotoona tower bt hakuna network chinogara chisina diesel chitower chawo,asi masolar ahaite pamatower🤔
    3) Telecash, Telecash,. Know the environment you are operating in. More than half the population is not employed.isusu vapfana tukurarama ne betting, hapana kana betting company yaunoona ichishandisa Telecash. Amheno kuti kusara kwe-system isinga kwanise kulinker nema betting house(example 1 and i have so many)

    4)FIRE YOUR C.E.O and hire me🤭🤐

    1. Anonymous

      😂😂😂 you’ve won this one.

  2. Sonia Naz

    Really Nice Article.

  3. zafar mujahid

    Iformative Article!

  4. Supporter waJ

    J wazonyora kudarika munyori. If the CEO was voted for I would vote for you

  5. Diesel

    One way for Telecel to survive is to REBRAND, management overhaul and bring young innovative minds into that company coz clearly varipo vazvitadza, they should also penetrate kumamisha deploy 3G, also supply optimal phones dzinoendawo paNet,

  6. Marlon

    My new sim is registration on watsapp

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