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20 awesome Xiaomi gadgets you can buy now in Zim!

20 awesome products that you can buy right now from the Xiaomi store. And the crazy part is the smartphones are not even the highlight. Oh and guess what. On some of these products you can buy them on credit too. In Zimbabwe. You can pay a 60% deposit on select products and pay the balance over 60 or even 90 days.


The Mi Watch is a fitness tracker that does all the usual bits like tracking your heart rate, your fitness routes precisely located through built in GPS and also get this. A battery life of 16 days. 16 DAYS! This one is going for US$155.

Then there is also the Amazfit GTS which is square this time because hey…if Apple can do it, so can they. It’s also got a premium thing going for it with a full metal body and if you were a bit lost, it is also a fitness tracker just like the Mi Watch. But square and going for U$140.

Power accessories

It’s a car charger and probably one of the best quality ones you can get on the market right now. It’s got 2 USB ports and supports up to 37W fast charging AND it can work in both regular cars and trucks with no problems. You can pick it up for US$25.

This one might look like a regular charger up until you see the label. It can pump out a crazy 65W of power and to put all that juice to good use it’s got a bunch of power modes to support different smartphone fast charging standards as well as laptop charging standards. Yes you can charge most modern, premium laptops like Macbooks or other ultrabooks with this charger. It will set you back some US$45.

We also have the Mi wireless charger which can pump out a very decent 20W of cordless power to compatible smartphones. Thanks to the dual coil design the charger can send that much power without overheating too much making it quite the efficient fast charger and you can get yours for just US$20.

Health & beauty

I actually like this one. It is a food blender with a bottle top lid. So essentially you throw your ingredients into the transparent container and screw it onto the blender. It beeps in agreement to a good seal and then you can press the power button to blend. Once you are done, you can flip it upside down, pop off the blender part and cover the top of the container nicely with the lid. And just like that, half the blender turns into a juice bottle. That’s not even the highlight. The blender itself has a built-in battery and is rechargeable so it’s perfect for fresh blends in the bundu or fresh blend even during load shedding. All you need is to shell out US$45.

Then from there you’ll need a smart scale that can connect to your smartphone via bluetooth so you can log your weight to your fitness tracking app and keep tabs on your health a lot better. It’s a good companion to the smart watches I mentioned earlier and it’s also retailing for US$45.

There are also some beauty products for the ladies. An ion hair dryer by Xiaomi as well as a hair straightener by Enchen. They are really well crafted tools with cool safety features to ensure you don’t have too many bad hair days. The Xiaomi ion hair dryer will be going for US$65 whilst the Enchen hair straightener will be going for a cool US$30. Pro tip. You might want to budget for these ones before we get too close to Valentine’s day. Thank me later.

IT accessories

There is the Xiaomi wireless mouse. A pretty standard mouse but again with good craftsmanship and a range of up to 10m in free space. It comes in either black or white and you can grab one for US$25.

On the subject of wireless connectivity there is something for those WiFi dead spots in the home or office. A WiFi range extender that does the job of increasing your WiFi signal strength in areas where the signal is weak. And it works with any router too. Retail price on this one is US$35.

For the IT guys or handymen there is a 16-in-1 screwdriver set with magnetic tips and a built in ratchet system. I have to say the ratchet feature in a screwdriver is one of the most underrated features. It does wonders when you have a million screws that need to be removed or put back. This one is retailing for US$45.

Home accessories

For the office or library or just one corner of the corridor to brighten up a potted flower this is the Xiaomi desk lamp and it’s super minimal. It has a base with a single button/wheel combo. Push the button and it turns the lamp on and off. Rotate the dial and it adjusts the lamp’s brightness. Rotate the dial whilst it’s depressed and you change the colour temperature of the light from a cool white colour to a warm peach sort of hue. It’s very well made and is going for US$55.

Or you can have a bedside lamp on your headboard with soft touch buttons to turn it on and off and to switch the colours. It’s a smart lamp supporting Apple’s homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allowing you to operate it through voice commands with your phone. No, it does not have a built in speaker if anyone was wondering. It’s just a light and it too goes for US$55.

Cleaning appliances

We have 3 different types of vacuum cleaners for 3 different applications so I’m sure there is one for you. This one is a portable vacuum cleaner which is cordless that you can use to clean hard to reach places in the home but also in places like cars. It’s battery operated and conveniently uses a USB-C port for charging. Such convenience is good for US$75.

Next up is a full size vacuum cleaner for the home. It’s the one we are used to with the extension pipe so you can use it standing up. It’s also battery operated and can handle both liquids and solids unlike the portable one which is only suitable for solids and this one has an asking price of US$330.

Last but not least is a vacuum cleaner that operates without supervision. Yes an actual robotic vacuum cleaner that can navigate it’s way around a room on it’s own as it keeps the floors clean. When the battery runs low it can take itself back to the charging station, recharge and resume where it left off when the battery is filled up. This much autonomy will cost you US$240.

Smartphones and Tablets

There is the Redmi Note 10s and Redmi Note 10 Pro. Whilst both of these phones are pretty similar there are a couple of things that separate them apart. The display is one. On the Redmi Note 10s it is a 60Hz OLED with 180 Hz touch sampling rate whilst on the Redmi Note 10 Pro it is a 120Hz OLED panel with 240Hz touch sampling rate.

Under the hood as well, the Redmi Note 10s is using a Mediatek Helio G95 processor whilst the Redmi Note 10 Pro is using a Snapdragon 732G processor. Both have 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The Redmi Note 10s goes for US$315 and the Note 10 Pro for US$345.

There is also the Xiaomi Pad 5. An 11 inch tablet with some awesome speakers, a 120Hz IPS display tuned to Dolby Vision spec and an 8000mAh battery. For the 128GB version you are looking at US$545 and for the 256GB version US$595.

There you have it. 20 cool Xiaomi products available right now in Zim at Eastgate mall 1st floor. Let us know which other places you want us to check out.

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16 thoughts on “20 awesome Xiaomi gadgets you can buy now in Zim!

  1. Thanks for the article, by any chance do u know when they will have the Redmi note 11 pro available there. Want to upgrade my note 10?

    1. Chingoziva kuti parizvino ku Android Snapdragon processors are the best & the latest are 4 nm chipsets , if optimized correctly they use less battery

  2. Good that xiaomi products are available in zim, my only concern is a large gap between sa prices say(takealot)… Looking forward to checking out the store

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