$99,000 for 80 GB?! NetOne’s new data prices (February 2022)

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State-owned mobile network operator, NetOne Cellular yesterday announced that it would be increasing data bundle tariffs today. And like many, I was expecting a modest rise in prices however what I saw when I went to NetOne’s One-Fi bundles scared the life out of me…

NetOne One-Fi Bundle Prices

BundleOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
One-Fi 10GB$4 500$16 250
One-Fi Plus 25GB$6 500$40 700
One-Fi Ultra 50GB$10 250$81 400
One-Fi Extreme 80GB$12 500$99 000

The headline figure there is ZWL$99,000 for 80 GB, which is a crazy increase from the ZWL$12,500 that was gazetted in December 2021. However, the lower cap of 10GB for ZWL$16,250 is probably going to hit harder than most because the entry-level bundle has gone up by more than three and a half times.

At these sorts of prices, it might be best to switch to ZOL’s Wibroniks or Telco’s Wi-Max if you are using these bundles for work or school. The initial cost of the investment (for equipment and installation) might be expensive but at the moment it’s probably not worth paying ZWL$99,000 for 80GB when you can get 100GB on ZOL’s Wibroniks for ZWL$12,790 or Small Office uncapped for ZWL$47,088.

Furthermore the new One-Fi prices according to the auction rate of USD1:ZWL124 (as of the 22nd of February 2022) are:

  • 10 GB for ZWL$16 250 – US$131.00
  • 25 GB for ZWL$40 700 – US$328.23
  • 50 GB for ZWL$81 400 – US$656.45
  • 80 GB for ZWL$99 000 – US$798.39

All of this begs the question as to what rate NetOne uses for these bundle prices in local currency because those prices in USD are more than what people are paying for home fibre uncapped packages. Also, we called NetOne customer services to ask if these new prices were an error and we were told that they are correct…

Anyway, here is the rest of NetOne’s new data bundle price adjustment…

NetOne general data bundle prices

PackageNew Price (ZWL$)
Hourly 1GB1 625.00
Hourly 1GB (valid for 2 Hrs)1 625.00
Daily 30MB47.70
Daily 80MB127.00
Daily 200MB318.00
Daily 480MB765.00
Daily 960MB1 525.00
Daily 1200MB1 910.00
Weekly 30MB47.50
Weekly 60MB95.50
Weekly 160MB255.00
Weekly 350MB555.00
Weekly 700MB1 115.00
Weekly 5000MB7 950.00
Monthly 200 MB318.00
Monthly 450MB715.00
Monthly 1500MB2 390.00
Monthly 3500MB5 550.00
Monthly 5000MB7 950.00
Monthly 8000MB12 700.00

New One Fusion data bundle prices

OneFusion Lite1 800.00– 15 Mins OnNet
– 5 Minutes OffNet
– 180MB Data
– 90MB WhatsApp
– 5 SMS

Valid for 30 days
OneFusion Gold3 550.00– 25 Mins Voice OnNet
– 10 Mins OffNet
– 400MB Data
– 160MB WhatsApp
– 25 SMS

Valid for 30 days
OneFusion Premium9 300.00– 80 Mins Voice OnNet
– 60 Mins OffNet
– 5 Mins International Calls
– 1GB Data
– 360MB WhatsApp
– 30 SMS

Valid for 30 days

NetOne Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram bundle prices

PricePackageValid for
Daily31.8020MB24 hours
Daily79.5050MB24 hours
Weekly111.0070MB7 days
Weekly238.00150MB7 days
Monthly478.00300MB30 days
Monthly1 190.00750MB30 days

When will it end?

This price increase will surely have a knock-on effect on the other operators. And it stands to reason that NetOne got the go-ahead from the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ) to increase the prices, especially that astronomical jump in the One-Fi packages.



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  1. Hugh Jarse

    It’s not that surprising, really! You have a ruined currency, rampant inflation, a greedy lot in power, which most of you seem happy to keep in place, and no hope of any of that (or anything else for that matter), improving al all! Add to that, a bunch of control freaks, hell-bent on restricting internet access, and VOILA! Not something which even might improve in the long term!

    1. Barf!

      It’d be interesting to see how much that translates to in USD as well! Might look more reasonable then…

      1. Anonymous

        Even in USD that’s absurd to say the least.

      2. Juno

        The article states the price equivalent in usd

    2. K Mik

      mmmm it is surprising, even at a rate of 250 it costs USD 396 to get 80gb, and this is the state-owned, the only way this can make sense is if they are using price to keep people off the internet. We can even get up to June with current inflation levels and this still wont make sense.

  2. Juno

    I hope econet doesn’t follow suit. I will have to just give up if they do. They are closing companies accounts for money laundering and their own parastatal is going crazy with prices

  3. Xenon

    Stupid this has zpf written all over, this is a crime against humanity. At a time where most students are doing online learning. Wabba labba dub dub.

    1. Scorched earth

      Was that just a Rick and Morty quote 😅?…pain

  4. Anonymous

    It seems as always they are approaching the problem from the wrong end. They will reduce the digital divide by sending all of us back to the 1970s because we can’t afford Internet 🙄😭

    1. Barf!

      That lot aren’t even in the 1970’s… More like the days of ancient Greece and Rome! Xenon’s right as well. Greedy, destructive zpf is certainly in on it!

      1. Anonymous

        I wanted to say the dark ages but thought that might be a bit mean

        1. Barf!

          Not really Anonymous… Think more caveman days though… No power, no water, no money…

    2. Hugh Jarse

      That’s zpf’s plan, unfortunately Anonymous! They’re control freaks, have no clue as to how to put right what they’ve ruined over the last four decades, and there’s no hope whatsoever of improvement whilst they’re still at the helm… If, and only IF, there’s some credible, viable opposition to zpf, and voters make a concerted effort to give that opposition a chance, will there be even a hope of improvement…

      1. Anonymous

        So it would seem

  5. cybercrawler

    VPN users watch out , If you are to repay the stolen data using these prices , its all doom and no gloom .

  6. Wekwamambo Esrael

    These guys have gone truly nuclear. We speak of digital economy then we shoot ourselves in the foot.
    Those rates are not even reasonable at street rates

  7. Bender

    Anybody with the current zol packages? I wld have googled them but I’m out of data kkkkkkk

    1. Anonymous

      See follow up article. They compare prices

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks 👊🏽

    2. Kremlin

      Its just a way of keeping people off the net.

      1. Hugh

        Дa, Точно, Кремль! (Yes, Exactly Kremlin!) Couldn’t resist putting that in Russian there!

  8. Anonymous

    Someone messed up somewhere big time. You’ll see a review shortly.

  9. Scorched earth

    One can literally buy 100gb worth of power hour data on Econet for the price being quoted for the One Fi ten gigs. Dear Lord…. forgive us for our sins

  10. Nyasha

    How come to you sooo vanhu veNetone, mukumbotembei

  11. Conspiracy theory?

    I guess ‘Zimbabweans can’t afford internet access’ is a better headline than ‘Zimbabwean Government shuts off internet as elections loom’.

  12. CID Zimbabwe



  13. Chomie

    I think pana bharanzi aisa ma Megabytes pa field ye Price coz mmm…

  14. Doug

    I think these tariffs are for between now and end of March. They will revert to reasonable thereafter.

    1. Barf!

      Unfortunately Doug, those prices will never come down, in ZWD / ZWE, or whatever the latest labelling is, for the “currency” they have now. March will see another “review” of prices, their way of saying “increase”, as nothing will ever come down in price. It’s just like everything else. Prices will rocket and there’ll be another round of millions, billions etc, before the whole thing implodes yet again!

  15. Anonymous


  16. Taka Msendo

    The bundle is now very expressive 😌

  17. Shiellah

    Netone manyama

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