Local logistics startup Thumeza expands to Zambia and Kenya

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Thumeza is a logistics startup that focuses on “Providing working capital financing for those who power the movement of goods across Africa“. The company does this by trimming the gap in finances that independent logistics operators face when they are waiting for a payment for a completed job while they venture on to the next.

Lack of access to credit adversely affects hundreds of thousands of transporters, large and small enterprises who depend on them across the continent. This means that as a small scale transporter, options for quick access to assistance are extremely limited should you get a post-paid trip, have a breakdown in transit, need to pay for insurance or simply need to service your vehicle and meet other day to day operational needs.


Last year the company, announced that it had ambitions of spreading its reach to other African markets because the problem they were trying to solve locally had some similarities to what is happening abroad. Well, it looks like that expansion is now a reality according to a post the startup put up on Twitter.

Active in one of these three countries? Check us out on http://thumeza.io

(Countries captioned in an image were Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe with South Africa coming soon)

Thumeza on Twitter
Thumeza Kenya Zambia expansionThumeza Kenya Zambia expansion

It’s really encouraging to see that the US$750K Telecel ASIP Accelerator finalists have made an aggressive push into other markets. Additionally, it also looks like Thumeza has expanded its partner network with the UNDP, GMB, Old Mutual, FBC Insurance, and Puma Energy now featured on the company’s website.

If you want to know more about Thumeza, check out the following episode of our podcast Technikari where we were joined by Thumeza’s founder and CEO Gugulethu Siso. She gave us her take on the startup’s shift over the years and the opportunity they got with the Telecel ASIP Accelerator.

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