3 Zim startups to pitch at Africa Blockchain Incubation demo day, you can watch live

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Africa Blockchain Incubation Program

The Africa Blockchain Institute prides itself for championing initiatives that drive digital transformation in Africa through blockchain technology. They have an Incubation program where they groom startups from across the continent to leverage blockchain technology to deliver unique use cases.

It was just in December 2021 that we wrote about them opening up applications for startups from Egypt and Zimbabwe. The startups that qualified and went through the Incubator program will now have a chance to pitch to live investors in Kigali, Rwanda.

I think by now we all know that blockchain technology is the stuff that makes cryptocurrencies like bitcoin possible. However, it is much more than a crypto enabler. Blockchain technology has many other applications.

The three Zimbabwean startups that will be pitching tomorrow are using blockchain technology in vastly different ways.

Mint Condition is a platform for creators and instructors to mint courses, tutorials, interviews and documentaries as NFTs. It then allows collectors to learn, and then earn with the creators through a resale ecosystem built on the Blockchain. Why should bored ape hog the NFT limelight?

Tigere Housing brings housing finance to the underbanked and unbanked. Merging blockchain technology and alternative credit risk assessment to generate and constantly update credit scores for its clients.

We covered Tigere Housing in-depth here: Local startup to provide housing finance to the informally employed. Yes, mortgages for those without pay slips

UmojaLands is a platform for data driven lending, insurance and market linkage for rural smallholder farmers. In other words they help farm seekers access farmland in Zimbabwe and lenders find funding opportunities for smallholder farmers through digital identity system.

Then there is the Egyptian Reitfast. A blockchain based tokenization platform helping citizens to invest in selected high revenue commercial real estate.

You can watch the demo day tomorrow

The event will be streamed live and you can watch from wherever you will be tomorrow. You can watch to see how others pitch to investors for when you have to do it yourself. Or you can watch just to root for your fellow entrepreneurs.

Africa Blockchain Institute on twitter: #COUNTDown to the #DEMODay of the #Africa #Blockchain #Incubation Program, happening tomorrow, June 30th. It’s been long time coming, many thanks to our partner @NEARFoundation for their kind support towards this Program. Watch out for the #Magic link tomorrow at 5PM CAT.


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