Kakic Universe – An animation studio founded by the youngest lecturer at MSU

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This is the story of Kudakwashe Maxwell, a self-taught animator who built a business around animation. His latest creation, Journey of the forsaken, is an animated series based on a true-life story that looks at how it’s hard for vulnerable young men to get emotional support just because they are male and the consequences that come with this.

This also marks 5 years since the founding of Kakic Universe and so he shares his journey from when it all started up until this point where he is now.

Some of his more notable pieces of work include being employed at the age of 17 as a lecturer at Midlands State University. There he was an animation lecturer in the Department of film. He also produced animated ads in partnership with WHO and the Harare City Council to spread awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic and some precautions against it.

He also had a partnership with Long John the comedian to create the animation for one of his pieces. Whilst most of his work is comprised of passion projects, he also ventured into advertising to generate some revenue through a business called Webscope. A digital marketing solutions venture that offers web design, app development, and social media and content creation.

You can watch the animated series on Gateway Stream or on YouTube.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Hopefully his studio will grow, there are too few determined animators out there.

  2. Cremèdelacremè

    Im inspired