Zimswitch new ZIPIT limits Oct 2022

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Zimswitch has announced new limits for person-to-person transactions. This limit is now ZW$150 000 per transaction up from ZW$100 000 with the monthly limit now set at ZW$600 000. These new transaction limits will be taking effect from today, 10 October 2022.

Zimswitch Statement

Customer Notice
Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that the ZIPIT person-to-person transaction limit has been reviewed from ZWL$100,000 to ZWL$150,000 with a new monthly limit of ZWL$600,000 effective 10 October 2022.
In other words, an individual may now opt to send up to ZWL$150,000 per single transaction, but ultimately being governed by the new maximum limit of ZWL$600,000 per month.

The ZIPIT functionality is available on the following options: –
• ZIPIT from any bank to all mobile wallets; Ecocash, One money, Telecash & MyCash
• ZIPIT from all mobile wallets to all banks
• ZIPIT across all banks
• ZIPIT across all wallets
+263 242 746 620 | +263 242 776 742

Zimswitch Twitter Press statement

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    how van i get it

  2. Martin Zhou

    What are the ruling ZIPIT limits?

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