Zimswitch’s ZEEPAY offers an array of bulk payment solutions

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Zimswitch ZEEPAY

As a growing economy, Zimbabwe requires homegrown payment solutions which service and meet the unique needs of the fast-changing market. As such the bulk payments infrastructure is expected to continuously evolve to provide convenience to different stakeholders in the country. Entrepreneurs and SMEs require financing from Microfinances and Banks. Employers require solutions to disburse funds or pay salaries seamlessly and instantly to their employees. Businesses require solutions to pay their taxes, insurance, and other utilities. 

In response, Zimswitch has introduced ZEEPAY (Zimswitch Enhanced Electronic Payments) a platform which is the ultimate game changer bulk payments solution. ZEEPAY is a secure, efficient, and cost-effective Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) solution that facilitates the interchange of single and bulk, credit, and debit electronic funds transfers across the Zimswitch Automated Clearing House. 

ZEEPAY supports EFT Credits (batch) – low value, high volume (bulk) payments for interbank bulk disbursements of funds, Real Time Credits (single) – low value single payments and EFT Debits (batch). These payment streams can be facilitated through Person to Person (P2P), Person to Business (P2B), Business to Person (B2P) or Business to Business (B2B) among others.

It is the ideal solution for organizations who do bulk payments to suppliers, salary payments, loan repayments collections, insurance premiums collection and other general payments. It supports same day clearing and settlement of transactions with as many settlement cycles as the market needs.

Who can use ZEEPAY?

• Banks

• Microfinance Organisations

• Insurance Companies

• Corporate clients

• Utility companies (ZESA, Municipalities)

• Government agencies (ZIMRA, ZINARA, NSSA)

• Any other institution that handles bulk payments.

How to sign up on ZEEPAY?

Visit or enquire with your bank and register for ZEEPAY.

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  1. Obey Mthunzie

    🤣🤣🤣 No comment

    1. Jan Strook AKA The Dutchman

      Aaaaah. Then don’t write anything if you don’t have a comment

  2. Vegaz

    So technically it’s useless because morethan 70% of Zimbabweans Don’t use banks

  3. pheneodge marufu

    Hahahaha nematambudziko

  4. Bullet

    The problem is you haven’t done bulk payments so you wouldn’t understand we as corporates have been waiting. It replaces paynet that reduced or charges and made
    Payments so much easier….

  5. Jethro Chifamba

    It will work well only if banks reduce their charges for this service. Zimbabwean banks are notorious for overcharging their customers for the services they provide. For example, the bulk payments service was being done by Paynet at us$1 per transaction before its fall out with banks after the reintroduction of the zwl dollar as local currency. To provide the same banks were charging us $2 for internal transfers and us $ 5 for RTGS transfers per transaction.

  6. El

    Morning. I can not get hold of your support team on this number +263715068543, or on the chat. Is anybody working today??

  7. El

    nobody is ansering my whatsapp on the above number or on this chat. Is this Zeepay working??

  8. cassim chivamba

    what are the transfer limits for
    1. individuals
    2. corporates

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