Utande LTE now available in Harare West

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Utande has been pushing LTE expansion pretty aggressively, beating Liquid Home to the punch in Mutare. The LTE service will use Sim cards and an outdoor unit kit. Also, these sim cards will be geo-locked so if you thought this meant cheaper mobile data I am sorry to say this is not the case. A very welcome approach that Utande is making with their LTE is that EVERY package is unlimited. All you are paying for is speed. This is progressive thinking. These are the areas their LTE now covers.

New coverage areas

  • Adylinn
  • New Marlborough
  • Marlborough
  • Westgate
  • Sandton Park
  • Good Hope
  • Mt Hampden Junction
  • Fairview

LTE Packages

Data capUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Download speed5Mbps10Mbps15Mbps20Mbps

Currently, they are running a promotion for any new subscriber where you will only be charged a US$100 fee for transport, installation, and labor and the LTE kit will come for free (US$229 saving). At present these areas were serviced with TelOne’s ADSL, Telco’s fiber, and Liquid Home’s Wibronix however most of these service providers have not yet set up in the newer areas on Utande’s list that are furthest away from Westgate and Marlborough.

In terms of how it performs, we will get it set up and give some feedback. But really the only competition they have is Telco’s fiber however for the residents of this area it’s more options to choose from now.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    One must always be wary of ISP bandwidth claims. More often than not, you won’t be able to attain those speeds for long durations of browsing. Frequently, you will find that some sort of fair usage, *guaranteed at specific hours or bursting connection policy exists.

  2. Tawanda

    Does the simcard work in a MiFi?

  3. Anonymous

    Can someone explain to me why they geolock the SIM cards. Who does it benefit exactly

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      It’s easier to balance the network load. If they know that there are 100 users in the CBD they can reserve and allocate the required resources. Without geo-fencing, when users from other areas bring their devices into town, the network load now varies and resources may not be available to guarantee bandwidth/connectivity, then you start getting complaints. Meanwhile, resources allocated in the roaming devices original registered area are lying idle, till it returns there.

  4. Joe

    Utande LTE is the worst is the worst, you’re better off with Econet, it’s expensive but gets the Job done

    I bought it about 3 months back, once you have the device they start to tell you about 5/10mbps as the max you can get but in action fact you’ll be lucky to get 1mbps


  5. Sir African

    We wait for free internet

  6. Frenk Ramary

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