It took them a while but the ZIMSEC O Level results are out. Here is how to view them!

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The 2022 ZIMSEC Ordinary Level results are finally out after a substantial wait. To view the results here are the steps.

  • Visit ZIMSEC’s website with the link here.
  • Next, you’ll need to click “view results” and select the region of the school where your child took his/her exams.
  • If you are not already registered click where it says “register new user”.
  • You’ll then get land on a page where you can fill out the relevant details. (If you are already registered then you can just enter your details)
  • Once registered return to the home page and enter your username and password.
  • You should be able to see the student’s 2022 ZIMSEC O Level results online.

A total of 278 760 candidates sat for November 2022 O Level Exams. 183 584 wrote 5 or more subjects and 53 169 passed 5 or more subjects. Overall pass rate is 28.96% compared to 26.34% in 2021. Increase of 2.62% in pass rate

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  1. Student

    Eish my friday💔💔

    1. Anonymous

      What a nice day

      1. Joel Mupasu

        Joel mupasu zmsec cartificart

  2. Graham c bangira

    It’s good to here this thank you

  3. Vodooo


    1. Madyira Isaiah

      l like to view olevel results you can help me to make link for get the results

  4. Prudence Prudence

    Children’s did well

  5. Ropafadzo Kundai

    Thank you so much ZIMSEC

  6. .

    🤣 mai god

  7. Patience

    😱Gosh really

  8. Level Up

    Wello, wello, wello! Almost 29% pass rate, which interestingly enough, is an improvement on last year. I guess the kids are doing their best with the circumstances they’ve been dealt. Hopefully 2024 will bring double digit gains.

  9. Known Public

    My question, Bank Minayjor, is why bother selling these if they are as good as you say? It’s almost as if there is less risk in selling this trash than actually using it yourself😂

  10. Gopito Samantha

    Samantha say:February 5,2023at 00:20 Thank you so much Zimsec for the job you done for us

  11. Straight from Peru

    Your rate is too high I get quality Peru notes for much less. And stop lying to people the lack of magnetic ink will get you caught at the bank. Avoid cashing the notes at the bank

    1. Venron thebe


  12. The Empress

    I am looking at the comments and all I can think are you people serious? A pass rate of less than 30% nd a massive scandal about exam papers leaking. Those results are so tainted it’s not even funny

    1. Level Up

      There’s one kid I know on his second run who got all D’s and an E. He got a ‘stay of execution’ because we managed to talk the dad down thanks to the 28.chakuti% stat! Silver linings, right?😅

  13. evdence munsaka

    the result are so good to those have a good pasret

    1. The Empress

      How do I put this?
      OK let me try to put it this way the pass rate is by itself a grade on the education system of the country.
      It’s a means to measure the overall quality of the education system of a nation. And 30% is a failing grade.
      So we must not shy away from the fact that the education system is in serious need of repair.
      And to those that say we should look at the bright side? 6 out of 10 children that wrote exams are not qualified to apply for any job requiring 5 O’levels which is most of them. And for a government that aims to be middle class economy in the future that’s alarming unless of course the reality is that those statements are just made to sound as if they have a plan. In that case ignore everything that I have said.


    I want to see my o level results

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    I want to see o level results for Mi nenhle Mzizi my daughter

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    O’ level results

  17. Tadiwanashe

    I want to see my o’level resuts

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    I want to see my o’level resuts

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    O level results 2023

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