These are Zesa’s new electricity charges, effective 1 March 2023

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You live in a hyperinflationary economy, so you should be used to this. Electricity tariffs have gone up and this is how much it’s going to cost you to keep the lights on. Of course, we are talking about the 4 hours or so in the day that you’ll actually get the electricity.

So, I guess that’s the one thing we can thank the power cuts for – the lower electricity expenses. Anyway, here it is:

On the first purchase, you get:

per kWh
First 500-50kWh50kWh22.701135
Next 5051-100kWh50kWh45.502275
Next 100101-200100kWh113.807980
Next 100201-300kWh100kWh130.8013080
Above 400136.40


What’s your take?

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    1. Leonard Sengere

      🤣😂 Hatimawani shuwa.

    2. Political Shark

      You all can read about it in my forthcoming best seller:
      How to screw your country: Turn political debt into technical debt in easy seven steps and back into political debt in a single step.

  1. Pauline Kanengoni

    2 cents a kw…this is the reason why tisina magetsi shuwa.

    1. Leonard Sengere

      Unorohwa nevanhu nechokwadi chako ichi.

    2. Sharknardo Zim

      Turn political debt into technical debt in easy seven steps and back into political debt in a single step.

  2. Dhiva

    ngavakwidze havo ko ndovadii…. takuita zvema solar isu haaaaaah

    1. Leonard Sengere

      🤣🤣 Tuara hako, ndo vadii.

    2. Ashton


  3. D.K.

    Keep buying the minimum you can afford and stuffing the units into the meter, even if you go for half a year without electricity. It is better than putting your money in a real bank, a pillow bank, a mattress bank or a sofa bank. You may not understand it now, but, just do it, you will thank Techzim once you understand why I say so.

    1. Anonymous

      it’s a damn good plan. By the time things are somewhat normal, you’ll be sitting on a nice stockpile of cheap(er) units

    2. Leonard Sengere

      That’s a really good idea. Wish I had thought of earlier. You’re always gonna need electricity and so you might as well stock up on it while it’s still cheap. Even if it’s not holding all your savings in electricity, at least keep buying units as of you were using it all up like normal.

  4. Involuntary Conservation

    I run 1 bulb at a time, a microwave, a couple of laptops, a monitor, a few miscellaneous things and a prepaid meter. Guys, I haven’t bought new units in almost 7 months! I literally can’t use them fast enough!😅

    1. Leonard Sengere

      You really can’t use it up when you only get service in the middle of the night. So, D.K’s advice above is solid.

      1. Czar

        Government should just allow these ZESA guys to sell electricity in USD, instead of reviewing electricity prices. Are they even making profit with these rates which surge every week.

        1. M. J to U

          Yah u are right

    2. Gugulethu

      What kind of house do you live in? No. Need to refrigerate food? Or even cook? Or iron your clothes?

      1. Involuntary Conservation

        Lol. Geyser is older than ‘Zimbabwe’ but I can’t use it anymore since landlord let it rust well before I moved in. I just use a kettle now. Fridge compressor died a long time ago, an early victim of zesa. Just adapted my shopping habits and moved on. Bonus points for living a little over 100 meters from food world! I don’t have an electric stove (honestly don’t trust the old wiring to run an oven), but there’s lots of stuff you can cook in a microwave, especially one with a grill. Just have to think a bit outside box. Otherwise been mostly gas for years now, no complaints. Ironing can be minimised by how you rinse and dry your clothes, dressing casual and generally not giving too big of a damn about how you look! If something formal comes up, set an alarm for 4am to catch zesa for ironing. TV? Never bought one in all my years! Still, thinking of finally getting a nice series something Samsung to cast my phone to, my eyes are about ready to retire. Got a vacuum to suck up dust from between the tiles (old house life!). It’s 2000w I think, but it doesn’t count for much consumption when I can only run it about once a week if lucky (can’t be making noise at 4am). I still have incandescent Philips bulbs, with about 5 more still boxed! They might be amongst the longest lived classic bulbs in Zim, but again, because I hardly get to use them! No big ass stereo, just a good quality soundbar that fits perfectly under my monitor. Throw in the usual phones, headphones and battery bank to charge, and once in a while tools like a soldering iron, drill, glue gun etc and that’s about it. Itemised like this, it sounds like a lot, but since I hardly get to use most of it, I can go months without putting a real dent in my prepaid units.

        1. Anonymous

          Man, you are just something else

  5. Cyber Ghost

    The price per KWh is ridiculously low,I prefer to pay even 50 US Cents per KWh for reliable and sustainable power than paying next-to-nothing for practically unavailable electricity

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      Well, if you can afford 200 USD for 400kWh, surely you should just be able to afford install solar.

      1. Leonard Sengere

        I agree. $200 for 400kWh would be crazy. I think he/she was being hyperbolic.

    2. Leonard Sengere

      50c would be ridiculous. However, your point about the choice being between cheap and unreliable vs expensive and reliable is valid.

  6. Hugh Jarse

    Since zpf are still at the helm, did anyone expect things to improve… Seriously? Wonder what zesa / zetdc are doing, to at least stabilise supplies as well. True, we can’t afford to import from Zambia, South Africa etc, as that money’s been looted, to get new cars for the brass there, probably other perks as well, and you can guarantee that no plans are in the pipeline, to increase power generation and hence availability!

    1. Leonard Sengere

      Ours is a crisis of leadership. There are plans to improve generation but it’s the execution bit that’s lacking. Ann example is the Chivhayo solar project which should add 100MW to the grid. After the shenanigans I don’t know when that project will be completed. We have ideas and plans but corruption derails them.

  7. Czar

    Government should just allow these ZESA guys to sell electricity in USD, instead of reviewing electricity prices. Are they even making profit with these rates which surge every week.

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