E-creator will make some people money before it folds, shattering many – classic Ponzi scheme

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Going by some of the responses we got when we talked about E-creator being a scam, we might need to get back to defining what pyramid and Ponzi schemes are.

Oh, and we might also need to touch on multi-level marketing and microwork, both of which can be utilised by legit businesses, complicating the issue.

It’s a lot, but if scammers are taking the time, so should we. Scammers often mix and match the above, coming up with new and novel scams.

I think if we were all on the same page about the above, we would see eye to eye on E-creator. We would have to concede that some will benefit but that it’s not going to end well for many, hazvipere mushe.

Recap of what E-creator is

You can read about how E-creator is structured here. Here is a summary of how it works though:

  • If you deposit $15-100, you get up to 4% in return (commission) each day after you post 10 fake reviews. They call these fake reviews ‘jobs’. With this deposit, you are considered a VIP 1 member.
  • If you deposit $100-$500 and also recruit 5 other people to join as active VIP 1 members you are upgraded to VIP 2. This upgrade comes with a bump to 4.5% in commission.
  • You have to deposit over $500, up to a maximum of $2000 and have 5 VIP 2 recruits to be upgraded to VIP 3. Your commission rate bumps up to 5%.
  • And so on..
  • They also say if you recruit at least 50 people at any level, you qualify to be a manager which comes with a $400 bonus every month, on top of your own commissions.
  • Do remember that to remain in the program, you have to maintain your level’s minimum balance. If you’re a VIP 3 member, you have to maintain at least $500 and your recruits have to remain active for you to remain a VIP 3 member.
  • E-creator says one can withdraw both the principal and the earned commission at any time and exit the program.

Ponzi schemes

Investors are promised high returns with little or no risk. The scheme works by using money from new investors to pay off old investors.

A classic example would be Bitcoin super-traders that cropped up a few years ago in Zimbabwe. They asked you to invest your money with them and they would double it every month whilst you sat at home. According to them, there was virtually no risk you could lose your investment.

  • An investment – ✅
  • High (unrealistic) returns – ✅
  • Little to no risk – ✅

What about E-creator?

E-creator is not a classic Ponzi scheme. E-creator is not saying, ‘Invest with us.’ They are saying, ‘Here’s your chance to work and earn high returns.’

However, you are definitely investing with them, they just don’t call the investment an investment. You have to deposit money with them to be able to earn commissions. So think of the commission as a return on investment or interest and you will see that E-creator is a Ponzi.

  • An investment (deposit) – ✅❓
  • High (unrealistic) returns – ✅
  • Little to no risk – ✅

They masked the investment as some kind of deposit and introduced some service you have to provide to make it seem like it’s not a Ponzi scheme.

The 4%+ in return that you get every day comes from the monies deposited by new recruits. Not from posting 10 fake reviews, which can hardly be considered work. Still, E-creator is not a classic Ponzi scheme.

Pyramid schemes

Participants are promised money for recruiting new participants. The scheme works by paying out early participants with money from later participants.

Now, for a pyramid scheme to work there needs to be something that the organisation says it does – usually it’s selling some product, sometimes it’s a service. Without this service or product that’s on sale, there would be no guise to recruit participants.

Recruitment is the main differentiator for pyramid schemes. If you find that most of your income from a scheme comes from recruiting new members then you’re in a pyramid scheme.

You need to ask yourself how it’s possible that most people earn most of their income from recruiting new members rather than from selling whatever the organisation purports to sell.

It’s not really about the product/service, one makes the big bucks by recruiting as many people as possible. For every member you recruit, you get a reward every week/month for a while. For every person the person you recruited recruits, you get a reward too. And so on.

How does E-creator compare?

The more you recruit, the more you earn with E-creator. Your commission goes up as you increase your investment and recruit more members.

Since E-creator promises a fixed commission (interest) rate every month, the amount you are able to earn is dependent on the amount you deposit (invest) with them.

To increase your deposit you have to recruit more members. So, in that regard, the number of people you recruit determines how much you earn.

However, even at VIP level 5, you still won’t be making most of your income from recruitments, even when you get to 50 recruits and get $400 for that every month. That’s even if we consider the bump in commission that comes from recruiting and maintaining new members.

The bulk of your income is still mostly from the interest on the deposit you placed with them. So, in the end, it doesn’t matter if we can call posting 10 fake reviews a day a focus on service.

  • Reward for recruiting new members – ✅
  • Bulk of income from recruitment – ❌
  • No focus on selling products/service – 🤷🏾‍♂️✅

They muddied it up so it’s not exactly a pyramid scheme. I would say E-creator is a Ponzi scheme with pyramid elements.

Multi-level marketing (MLM)

In a legitimate MLM business, distributors earn income from selling products or services to consumers. They may also earn commissions on the sales of their recruits, but the majority of their income comes from selling products or services.

For most people, it is difficult to differentiate pyramid schemes from MLM schemes. The main differentiator as we discussed above is what the major income driver is. If it’s recruitment then it’s a pyramid scheme, if it is the sale of products/services, then it could be an MLM.

This is where the likes of Avon, Forever Living, Angel and the like fall. You do get rewards for recruiting new members, however, even if you don’t recruit a single person you could still earn a lot if you manage to push the product. You’re better off recruiting though.

What of E-creator?

If you don’t recruit anyone for E-creator, the best you can do is deposit $100 and earn $120 in commission per month. No more.

It’s still an unrealistic return for posting 10 fake reviews but that’s the ceiling if you don’t recruit anyone.

You can see that to earn more with E-creator, you don’t have to do more work. In fact, it is not possible to work more than any other person. Everyone is limited to 10 reviews a day.

What determines your income is the number of recruits and most importantly, the money invested (deposited) with E-creator. This is not how MLM models work.

  • Focus on selling products/services – ❌
  • Bulk of income from sales – ❌
  • Focus on recruiting new members – ✅

E-creator is not an MLM model.


Microwork is a type of work that is typically done online and is characterized by its small tasks and short duration. It is used by businesses to complete tasks that are time-consuming or require a large number of workers.

Micro jobs are small, easy tasks that can be completed in a short amount of time and generally don’t pay much.

You could be asked to transcribe audio/video, write product descriptions, enter data, answer surveys etc.

Could we call E-creator’s 10 fake reviews a day microwork?

  • Small, easy tasks – ✅
  • Requires large number of workers – 🤷🏾‍♂️ (How many fake reviews do online sellers really need?)
  • Time-consuming – 🤷🏾‍♂️ (If the online sellers utilised bots it wouldn’t be time-consuming to post fake reviews on all their products)

E-creator’s so-called employers are the online sellers that need fake positive reviews on their products. Setting aside the ethics of this, they really could need a large number of people posting reviews.

So, I think we can say E-creator has a microwork element to it.

The reality of Ponzis/Pyramids

I’ll stick by my classification of E-creator as a Ponzi scheme with pyramid and microwork elements. I’m sure you will agree with this classification.

Ponzi schemes only survive until they are no longer able to recruit more members. However, the reality is that it can take a few years before a Ponzi starts struggling to recruit new members.

This means that those that join early on can really make a killing before it all goes to the dogs. By the time the masses join in, the early adopters would have built houses with proceeds from Ponzi schemes. That’s not to mention how lucrative it all is to the founders themselves.

I know people in my own circles that made thousands from the Bitcoin super traders before the programs went belly-up. Yes, when the schemes folded, the investments they still had in there were lost but they had withdrawn much more than they had invested by the time that happened.

Many people know this. They can spot a Ponzi/Pyramid from miles away but will still join in the hopes that they are early enough to turn a profit before it all crumbles.

Then some see how so-and-so that they know has been making a killing and how they themselves are turning a neat little profit and end up confused as to what the organisation is really about. These are the people that reinvest all their proceeds into the scheme and lose everything at the end.

Know what E-creator is

So, to argue that you are making money from E-creator and so it’s not a Ponzi scheme is stupid. You’ll make money until you don’t, that’s how Ponzis work. I guess that’s how all business ventures work, so carry the hell on.

However, with Ponzis like E-creator you can be sure that your profit today is on the backs of people joining the program, many of whom will lose everything in the end. If you’re comfortable with that then by all means, do your thing.

The time will come when E-creator reaches everyone who would be interested in such a program and the whole house of cards will tumble on that day.

There would be no new chumps depositing money to use to pay 4% commissions and E-creator will start defaulting on withdrawals and within a few months, or even weeks, they will be nowhere to be seen.

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  1. Anonymous

    Very informative article,thank you

    1. Anonymous

      In your previous article you were keen to get E Creator closed. Unfortunately for you, we continue minting it. Remember pakambopinda zvihuta, pakapinda zvema iron, pakapinda zvema old coins etc vamwe vachisimuka imi muchivukura… tikudya nayo E Creator wena

      1. Isaac

        It’s still fraud & I’d rather not to participate hangu

      2. Gokom

        There is no money being made. If you were making money you wouldn’t recruit more.
        It seems wakanyura mari and need to recruit so as to get your money back

      3. Anonymous

        Ungabva waradziwa neka 15

        1. Anonymous

          Its not abt 15$ BT pauchanakirwa uchda kuisa more then s*** will happen

      4. AnchorMan

        1) AKURUMA NZEVE NDEWAKO techzim is not forcing his advice anyones throught.Noone is being held hostage on to stay on this site.

        2) Almost all of those singing praises about E-Creator you dont trust your own banks in Zim with your USD,but you want to recruite as many Zimbos as possible and let them deposit their monies into OKUCHU’ from nigeria “PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT”

        3) @Data scientist says:
        May 25, 2023 at 5:38 AM
        Munhu akagadzira e creator ndowando respector but vari ku joiner you need to read books anotaura how to make these things , kana waverenga unogona kuto discover kuti zvogadzirika nyore , woita Mari nechi scam chako , in Zimbabwe vanhu vakapusa , so there’s opportunity for you to make money wagadzira chi scam chako ,
        @Techzim discovered that E-creator app, available on Android, looks eerily similar to one that belongs to a Nigerian company – Amita E-commerce. The Nigerian company has a similar business model to E-creator’s and is reported to be struggling to meet customers’ withdrawal requests.

        So basically another Nigerian repackaged Amita E commerce into E-CREATOR to a new market in Zim.


        5) No Nonsense Guy says:
        June 12, 2023 at 9:59 PM
        This article was too long for nothing. Learn the basics, never be late, when it gets too popular leave. I made a killing for MMM back in the days, I have double my initial investment in Ecreator now my principal is withdrawn I play with commission.
        My friend lost 4500USD when MMM went down. l also remember a video which circulated with a guy appealing for assistance to repay 20K he had borrowed friends and lost it in FX.Maybe if they had come across techzims word of caution maybe they would have made wiser decisions.

      5. Myke

        The money you are making isn’t much compared to the risk you are exposed to. The best case scenario is that you will make some chunk change from E-Creator but your personal information will still be in the hands of the E-Creators scammers. The worst case scenario is that you lose all of your investment from E-Creator and also your exposure of your personal information.

        So in summary think about it

  2. same same

    almost the same sort of scam as cashfx / cash forex group , remember those f c u k e r s and their gang selling that s h ! t here

  3. Anonymous

    Simple and straight forward and the zeal to make more will make.people lz everything come to think of it ecocash USD can only withdraw 2k per months hence in VIP 3 you’re bound to.make more than that so eventually pachanyurwa at same time those who joined when it started surely made money

  4. ……

    Everything , ends , ..but for the moment let them mint it ,

  5. Blindness

    The folks who have double down on supporting this scheme have not entirely accepted the risks; they are burying themselves in magical thinking that things will turn out fine at least for themselves and sincerely don’t care if they are not the losers of the scheme.

    Such mental gymnastics is to be expected in people suffering from an economic situation like that in Zimbabwe. The true believers are even capable of resorting to violence in order to defend their interests in the scheme. It remains to be seen how the inevitable collapse will unfold and how much pain and suffering the losers will have to bear.

    The anger is coming from those who still have to gain and cash out from the scheme.

  6. Prince Joseph Nkonde

    I would like to be part of you

  7. Arthur Kuwani

    Ha ha ha thank you for teaching people on behalf of e creator.From your information it shows that E Creator is a very big organization involved in a lot.You Tech Zim are small and looking for relevance, sham.Stop what you are doing and post the good staff like where to get jobs and when the elections are coming.Shame…

    1. Jinx

      What an ignorant individual here. The past 2 months there’s been businesses( ponzi schemes) bigger than E creator by light years and they closed. Berry, Afriq Abritage, QZ; all billion dollar ponzis. Open your eyes, E creator will close, that is guaranteed

      1. Bounty hunter

        @ jinx wataura chokwadi ..

      2. Calan23

        Kkk tru they seem to be legit though they are completely scams..If you check their websites..you will notice that their webs don’t even last for a year before they get negative reviews from victims ..huyai henyu ku forex tiite zvema pool account it’s better

        1. Anonymous


        2. Harris

          Contact me bro im interested in the pool +263783946690

        3. Anonymous

          Pool is the future…….you get what you worked for.

    2. Anonymous

      Arthur Kuwani hauna kukwana. Mxm.

    3. Anonymous

      Tell them

    4. Myke

      E-Creator is actually a small company that is trying to manipulate people into thinking that they are making an honest living. If it wasn’t a ponzi scheme they would carefully analyze the fake reviews made by recruits like what is done by Team Captera which is an American Company that pays you for reviewing software applications. There is no deposits needed and your review is carefully assessed to verify that you really used the application. The assessment usually takes about a week which shows authenticity of the nature of the business.

    5. Mr Sana

      E creator is considered a gud scam

    6. Anonymous

      Zvavharwa izvi, zvayendwa

  8. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    What shows that is a big organisation? It’s probably just 1 or 2 blokes who built a website for 500 bucks, then just threw around a few free t-shirts + bonuses for the first few users and the ponzi ball started rolling.

    In your right mind, where have you seen a job where you pay first to get paid? Anyway, you will be back soon asking how to track them down. 😂

    1. Jinx

      Musiye akadaro. He’s a foolish individual.
      Congratulations you’ve got a job at CBZ, you will stationed as teller number 4. By the way, can you deposit $400 so that you can earn your salary month end?

    2. Isaac

      By bucks you mean RTGS asi 🤣

  9. Isaac

    Patiently waiting for this to flop 😊

    1. Natie

      Aaaa tinoto risk a isu zvedu

  10. Jubilant

    We use our money to join E-creator, we use our data to finish the work everyday and that E creator is active we are benefitting. Nothing last forever, and even you yourself, you won’t live forever . You are jealous of a thriving business

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      You sound like you haven’t yet recovered your deposit. You joined late! People making money don’t need to convince anyone they are making money 😂

  11. Anonymous

    If you are legit as you say were is your offices address

    1. Anonymous

      E-Creator’s company address in Harare is:
      Joina city 10th floor
      Office number 15 and 16

      Opening Hours: 9.30am to 5.30pm

  12. Wechidhaka

    This e-creator is like every business. Pioneers are the ones who will make big money. Those who will follow suit they will lose

  13. T1

    People are still signing up even though they know its a ponzi scheme becoz of nhamo, nzara. Akomana kunze kwakaoma uku, ezvinezvi munhu akangonzwa kuti apa pane kamukana kekuita mari ahasi kushandisa pfungwa but akushandisa dumbu rake. Ndopaunoona mamwe mapenzi achiti siyai kutuita mari ende zvedi varikuita mari. Saka vasiyeyi vakadaro tozovaona zvanyura kuti nyuu-uuuu kunge chamunyurududu. Becoz kuudza munhu akuita mari nazvo kuti siya ahambofe akabvuma.zvakafanana nekuudza munhu kuti siya fodya ahabvume end result ndoinozotaura yega

    1. Natie

      Kkkk guyz isu tinoto riska zvakaoma kudaro bora mberi

      1. xxx

        Doing things you don’t understand is not risky that being stupido

  14. Anonymous

    It is a shame that we are celebrating coruuption and crime. We are castigating the writer on what we know is true. How can you make money when there is no meaningful investiment taking place. Let us face it the endorsement you do on product you dont even know is just a charade. you think you are doing something. The big boys are just piling your hard earned and pavanoshaika we will hear you seeking sympathy.

  15. Tanks Nyoni

    You should do a deep investigation into the many many scams being run in the country. A lot of people are falling for these MLMs and preying particularly on the elderly church folk.
    Personally it’s entertaining, it’s heartbreaking though cause many are being scammed of thier hard earned cash, in some cases borrowing to fund the scheme. A few examples, QZ, Berry/FS Global, Red Coin.

  16. Jesu

    e-creator akangofanana neZanu PF government entity inonzi RBZ a legit looking Ponzi scheme

  17. Anonymous

    Ko hapanawo here department rinovharisa iwo amukuti ma ponzi scheme aya yo sunga vanhu vacho ve e-creator yovhariswa isati ya tsotsa vanhu yes you have foreseen it kuti vanhu vachachema chiitai kaah ma measures ekuti vasazocheme

    1. Anonymous

      It’s true its a ponzi scheme pple are not making an honest living… siyai vaite gold mafia iriko looting from all of us and we just kept quiet.. we have say or choice on that…. tadi tatanga tavharisa gold mafia looting the ecreator its personal choice to join or not to join

  18. Touch_dono

    This scheme is sad . All afflicting market wouldn’t take payment . Since you are already marketing for them , if you have already joined I do sympathize because you can attack a close friend or relative to join since a stranger won’t blindly pay 15-100 usd to earn 20 usd a day . Despite that if ecocash is involved, you know it’s a red flag . Eco usd came back because inn bucks was working . For which inn bucks & eco cash usd are owned by one person which is the same group with simbisa brands . Join if you would gamble but dont be unfortunate & involve your those who have faith in you!!!

    1. Anonymous

      Wait who owns inn bunks

  19. Zimflash

    Tech Zim you know nonthing and you Dont have facts….In shona hapana chamoziva concerning digital work.Maxbounty pays you upto 1000usd per week if you work hard but they had run for so many years.WHY DISCOURAGING A COMPANY SEEKS TO HELP LOCAL PEOPLE

    1. Gokom

      It is not a business and the ponzi scheme is suffering. Looking for new recruits to scam

      1. Anonymous

        Look man who ever you are, you don’t seem to be thinking straight, zviri clear even a high school kid can tell kuti this is a perfect example of a ponzi scheme. The fact that you don’t agree these guys it doesn’t mean that they know nothing, from my point of view they are actually spitting fact, which you can’t see becoz you blinded by your feeble minded urges

    2. The Protagonist

      Dude, any reasonable individual affiliated with E-Creator SHOULD and MUST subsequently do their own homework after reading this article. E-Creator is a SCAM in plane sight!!

  20. Kroko

    I told a journalist from iHarare back in February about the Ponzi scheme and of the owner’s history of scamming in India. He said he would publish but he had coincidentally entered a deal with the owner to convert the money he is scamming from the victims into bitcoin at a commission of 20%. I think he chose the money over spreading the truth. I have more information on scheme if you need it.

  21. Anonymous

    Haa takabva neko kumhunga hakuna ipwa. Vanhu itai research about these schemes then make a wise decision. Don’t be fooled.

  22. Kj

    One characteristics of a ponzi scheme is the more u recrute the mor u get,

  23. Anonymous

    whether you provide evidence that it’s a scheme or not, it doesn’t matter as more people are joining. zvagara life mu Zimbabwe injuga, regai vanoita maris vaite, vanonyura vanyure.. we move on. that’s our country. ZANU PF hamumbonyori ma article ayo asi ndiyo mbavha huru zvekuma billion.

  24. Anonymous

    Isu vakaJoina titori bho nazvo chero ikava ponzi scheme. Vasina kuJoina ndimi murikungozvimba. Nechamurikuzvimbira, chero tikavharwa mari yacho ndeyedu. TechZim endai munofa

    1. Anonymous

      Watauga hako

  25. King

    Isu vakaJoina titori bho nazvo chero ikava ponzi scheme. Vasina kuJoina ndimi murikungozvimba. Nechamurikuzvimbira, chero tikavharwa mari yacho ndeyedu. TechZim endai munofa

    1. Equalizer

      King makanyanya mabva mapedza sport vasina kuJoiner ndivo varikuzvimba

  26. BlAcK-GoLd

    A scam is a scam let’s not deviate from the ethics of business just because you are benefiting from this fraudulent scheme,which you are gonna see later…eat while u can ,it’s coming to an end soo

  27. Prince Ryal

    *THIS MESSAGE IS GOING TO BE A BIT LONG BECAUSE I’VE GOT A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO.* I’ve been following closely on this post @TechZim and I feel like I have something I need to say about it.
    1. You said that this is a scam, right? So where have you ever seen a legally registered scam in the whole world? A scam possessing a legit certificate of incorporation, health registration certificate and a Tax clearance certificate, where have you ever seen that? Where have you ever seen a scam business advertising on the national broadcasting television channel? Which other scam do you know to have worked in partnership with Econet ever before? So in other words are you trying to say that the Government of Zimbabwe is dump enough as not to have for seen what you claim to have seen yourself? The whole of the government officials that drtified this business under the legal team?. Fine, enough of that for now.
    2. You seem to be claiming that we invest money but let me tell you one thing for sure, YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG!! We don’t invest money here, we bank money. This is a banking system not an investment system. Let me tell you the difference; investment is risky and once you incur any loss of funds there then its your own baby to carry. We, as E-Creator, use a banking system which has zero risks because you can withdraw your savings anytime you want without any losses incurred alongway. I hear you say that the money you deposit is the investment money, no! Those are your banking savings not an investment capital. This point can be further proved before the 10th day of June because by then we anticipate to have an RBZ matured certificate that will varstly differentiate banking from the investment that you are talking of. Okay enough about this for now.
    3. You also claim that the profits we get come from new recruits. What I’ve noticed with you @TechZim is that you are just trying to draw some attention to yourself as a publisher but clever people that know our company very well should have noticed that you are just but one of those gossipers that know absolutely nothing on what they gossip about. Yours is just to spread a rumor, whether false or true you don’t care. Anyways let me enlighten you as to where all this money comes from….merchants pay a marketing fee of 10 – 15% of the product price and from there that’s where we get our 4 – 5.5% daily commissions as employees. The remainder goes to the company that’s why you find out that the company is able to pay out those team commissions and other rewards to those that deserve them. There are only two problems with you here; a) you don’t know much about E-Creator. b) just like any other broadcaster, you are effortlessly trying to draw all unnecessary attention to yourself because of your selfishness. Anyways let’s forget about that. As I was saying, this agreement took time to pass and all necessary paperwork to prove all this is available. If you feel like I’m not telling you the truth myself then you are even free to contact the major E-Commerce companies, the likes of Lazada, Shoppee, Zalando and tokopedia, and hear straight from the horse’s mouth itself.
    4. This thing of you comparing E-Creator to the likes of Bury and bitcoin is just so overwhelming in however way you would like to look at it. Crypotocurrency and straight USD currency, how do you manage to tally all that in your own imagination. Talking of Berry of which I was checking its legalization, its only in Colorado but you find people in Zimbabwe doing it. Kkkkkk this is so funny. Go to Colorado and tell me if they are into E-Creator as well. Go anywhere you want, and I mean anywhere in the whole wide world, and see if there is any other country besides Zimbabwe actually doing business with E-Creator as well. I promise you that you’ll find none in your whole search struggle. E-Creator is only in Zimbabwe as of now. We are in the process of legalizing the business with our neighboring countries and once the legalization process is complete that’s when we are going to then expand the business to the outside countries. Without any legal procedures laid on the table you won’t find us on the ground just like the likes of these crypoto currency platforms you are comparing us to. Maybe I’m the one who is less knowledgeable here, so can you enlighten me as well; where in the whole of Africa is Berry legalised? Fine enough about that.
    Someone also wanted to know about our offices; we are pleased to announce to you that as a rapidly expanding company we have managed to open two more offices in the outskirts of Harare, that is in Kadoma and Masvingo. Those that want the office locations or to know more about these offices can contact me directly (WhatsApp or call 0774924243)
    By the 10th day of June we also anticipate to have opened other offices in Mutare and Bulawayo. By year end our goal is to have opened over 30 offices here in Zimbabwe only.
    Last but not least, I heard you say our main backbone in this business is recruitment; yes maybe you are right or no maybe you are wrong. Let me highlight the importance of recruitment through the use of an example; let’s talk of OK, the big supermarket. In order for them to be able to sell their products nationwide don’t they have a panel tat advertises their products? That’s just the same with us, in order for us to be able to sell this service to many we also need many to help us with the advertisements, hence the part of the recruitment. Just like Econet, how many merchants out there are busy selling its sellives to the people but till to date its still functioning. So how then do you come up with an idea of claiming that E-Creator won’t last long when other companies like Econet still survive even if their market has been flooded?.
    I think I’ve said enough for now. As for you @TechZim I don’t blame you because of your sarcastic ideas; after all its your job to be sarcastic, right? Kkkkkk that’s how you get paid, attracting a populace through those sarcastic ideas. Its fine for you. Those that want to change their financial lives for the better knows what’s best for them.
    For those that also want to be part of the success building story tellers through E-Creator; those that want to join our team and attain financial freedom here in Zimbabwe, please feel free to contact me directly.
    Have a blessed day.

    1. drew

      well explained

    2. Chief

      I am not worried about E-creator being a scam or not. My main concern is on misleading buyers. As an entrepreneur I get staff from China online and I rely on information like orders a supplier has completed as well as the reviews from people who have bought the product before. Yes, it might not be a scam but guys, have you considered the real customers that are being misled by reviews that are based on a 5% commission rate? I mean, how would you feel to receive something that does not meet the quality standards that “other customers” claimed to receive?

    3. Justin

      If it’s a bank, does it have a banking licence and minimum capital requirements lodged with RBZ? I can register a company within a week and get all doc and a tax clearance certificate ipapo. Health certificate is issued by council after visiting your offices voona kuti toilets are flushing 😅😅😅. Hanzi neimwe shasha it’s well explained. MaZimba madofo ari literate

      1. Anonymous

        Ndiwe utori dofo

    4. detro

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    5. Myke

      @Prince Ryal you are conniving man who is deceiving innocent people. You have some nerve to say that you in partnership with Econet when you are just using it to access the funds that deposited by recruits which doesn’t mean that Econet approves of your business. For a Ponzi Scheme to perfectly hide in plain sight it should be a registered company / business to deceive people. For one to register a company in Zimbabwe it is quite easy you can either go to the Register of Companies offices and register there which is easy and cheap but time consuming or you can use a consultant that can speed up the process which can take up to 3 days and cost around 230USD to full register everything including PRAZ, Tax Clearance etc.

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    last but not list just search about amita e-commerce n u will see the similarities in applications n the stores they claim to work with,for the record these stores already deneid working with E – creator, so hw are they paying u???

    1. Nyasha Mutenhabundo

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        1) Elon Mask – Made reusable rockets, Paypal, Starlink, Boring Company, Neurolink
        2) Bill Gates – Created the Windows OS which is user friendly
        3) Bezos – Created the biggest e-commerce in the world Amazon
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