You have to try Liquid Home’s SpeeD promotional bundles – 45GB for $11 (Fibroniks)

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I’d like to think I’m not the only one struggling out here. It’s lean times in Zimbabwe currently and we are counting and recounting the pennies.

My background is as a bean counter, so you can imagine how every single bean is accounted for in my household at the moment.

Liquid Home has not been a good friend to the wallet for a while now, especially in these trying times. However, they have a promotion that you just cannot miss out on, if internet connectivity is a need in your world.

Fibroniks Pay-As-You-Go customers, when the time comes to top up your account you need to buy the SpeeD bundles which are discounted at the moment.

The best value-for-money bundle on offer is the $11 SpeeD bundle which offers 22.5GB plus a bonus of 22.5 GB. So, that’s a total of $45GB for only $11. You can use that data for whatever you want, Liquid won’t judge.

Contrast that with the other special bundles.

The other SpeeD bundles on promotion look like this:

  • $75 for 150GB (YouTube only)
  • $60 for 100GB (Netflix only)
  • $4 for 5GB (Facebook and WhatsApp only)
  • Remember this is only available to Fibroniks users, not Wibroniks

You don’t want to stray from the SpeeD bundles, the other USD bundles on promotion are not pocket friendly. You will see stuff like:

  • Lite – $45 for 40GB
  • Basic Essentials – $60 for 50GB
  • Family Essentials – $135 for 100GB

Back to the SpeeD bundles…

There are a few catches

The first is, this is only available in USD. But I think you saw that coming, so it’s not really a catch.

You can pay using an EcoCash USD wallet just like how you would use ZWL EcoCash to pay. This is the best option, just cash in US$11 into your EcoCash account and you’ll be good to go.

Or you can visit a Liquid Home branch and pay cash. Not the most convenient but totally worth the trip.

The other catch is that the data is only valid for 15 days with a 15-day rollover. In English, you have to use that data in 30 days. Unlike the normal ZW$ bundles you are used to that have a 30+30-day validity period.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to convert your account to a USD account to buy these USD bundles. All you do is:

  • Log into your Liquid Home account
  • Click on the “Shop” tab
  • Click on “Buy USD Bundle Promotion Data”
  • The SpeeD bundles are at the bottom so scroll down to you see them

All this while logged into your ZW$ Liquid Home account. I wasn’t so lucky.

My rocky experience

When I saw these promotional bundles, I called in and asked Liquid Home customer care personnel how one goes about purchasing them.

They said I could only buy the bundles if I had a USD account. I was told I had to write an email requesting that my account be converted to USD.

I wrote the email and a ticket was opened.

Cut to the end of the following day, I called in and asked when I could expect the conversion to be done. They apologised that it had taken that long and promised it would be done by midday the following day.

However, they were glad to let me know that their engineers had found a way to make it so users no longer needed to convert their accounts to purchase the promotional bundles.

So, I could purchase the bundles that very day, before the conversion was done. Brilliant stuff, I thought, and so I was like, ‘If that’s the case then I no longer need to convert my account.’

They told me that unfortunately a ticket had been opened and they would proceed with the conversion. I countered saying they had not done the job yet, I’m the one saying let them save themselves the trouble and just not do the conversion.

That was not an option, once a ticket is opened, apparently, it’s signed by God himself and cannot be rescinded.

They told me I would have to apply for another conversion once they were done with the conversion that I didn’t want in the first place but was told I needed.

It is what it is, I got the bundle and will have to deal with the reconversions when the time comes. I went through that so that you don’t have to, your experience is going to be better.

So, go ahead and enjoy this promotion while stocks last.

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  1. Starlink

    Starlink is still a better option, they are charging 45 USD in Nigeria for unlimited very fast internet

    1. Anonymous

      Haa starlink ma1 but i bet you its going to be a long process kuti ivhurwe officially muZim imagine how many ISPs will lose customers

      1. DockerZW

        Starlink is good for downloads but it has got weak upload speeds so it Al comes down to how you want to use your connection

    2. LinkStar

      Spacex jumped into a case as a co-defendent in a suit brought by some environmentalists in the states. If it doesn’t get sorted soon enough, the plans to get V2 Starlink satellites up will get modified and or delayed, meaning capacity and performance upgrades might get held back. Hopefully it won’t mean they stop pushing to get into markets like Zim. We need a saviour and honestly, Starlink sure looks like a hero to me 🦸‍♂️🛰

  2. Anonymous

    Is Fibroniks available everywhere or only in selected regions,may you please do an article on regions where these ISPs are availabe,eg Utande,Liquid Home and the like

    1. Emptiness

      If you go to their website you can enter the location of your home and the results will tell if Fibronics is available in your area(there is also an interactive map that you can pinpoint the exact location of your home in case the address inaccurate). (It is the same search process for Wibronics as they need to know if there is available capacity if your area is covered)

  3. Cyber Ghost

    In Harare,Fibronix is almost ubiquitous(Save for a few are8not covered)But the setup fees are totally ridiculous, that’s why most people prefer the Almost impossible to get LTE Option, which is loaded with restrictions like geolocking, Unavailability of service in some areas….

    1. Prince

      Why do you say LTE is almost impossible to get? I walked onto Liquid offices at Eastgate and walked out with an LTE line after 10mins later

      1. Cyber Phantom

        A lot depends,This LTE Is not available in all areas and in areas that it’s available they’ll mostly tell you that they can’t accommodate you, I’ve been to Eastgate a number of times myself couldn’t get the line, that’s why you see a lucrative black market for those “non-geo Locked”ZOL Lines, Apparently they don’t have enough base stations to cater for everyone

    2. Anonymous

      EXACTLY! Worse the fibre will be going right past your place but the charges are like you installing fibre for the entire street

  4. 👽

    Izvi hazvisi zvedu isusu wemuma growth point, we have to do with netone which is right now providing the best service THANK YOU NETONE

    1. Isaac

      That’s a joke right? I don’t get it when you say NetOne is offering the best service. All it’s offering is more Gigs for less and I think we all agree that Telecel did the same a couple of years back.

      The thing is I can’t even live stream Scandal (not even the Lowest Quality ~30MB) on the DSTV app but with Econet I can even stream HD.

      1. Jon Doe

        The netone qos issue is a whole different issue depending on location. I discovered speeds are best when outside Harare but when i get back its literally unusable.

      2. 👽

        Indeed Isaac, netone is the service king muma growth point and if they keep at it i believe in a few years time they might and probably will be at econet’s level
        First you have to understand net1’s strategy they realized they where loosing to econet in all major cities and towns so they decided to invade our local growth points setting up 4g and 3g network towers, even though econet was present in these areas it was offering 2g ende anga ari ma1..all of a sudden gogo from the rural area can now video call her madhumbe daughter in sasafrica all thanks to NET1 and when the government introduced these CALAS every1 wanted to google,which was slow on econet 2g and parents decided to buy netone sims for their kids, The teachers were e ones actually recommending net1 sim card, Even the ones with econet simcards they still use them becoz ndonumber dzinozikanwa nevanhu kwete kuti chibaba pa network, mu dual sim imomo net1 ndoinenge ine data. Granted net1 has its shortcomings its not flexible like econet hakuna yomix e.t.c but the fast and reliable network advantage outweighs econet’s flexibility and its shitty 2g network

        Right that’s enough senseless typing from me yanguva yekuenda nemadomasi kumarket pa ndera apo

      3. Isaac

        I don’t know where outside Harare is lol. I made those comparisons while in BeitBridge. When in Mwenezi, sometimes (-> assuming it has improved since I haven’t used it for close to a year) it’s even worse for NetOne.

      4. Anonymous

        Tel One seems to depend a lot of the area!

  5. Tidi

    Liquid customer service is the worst, I don’t know what’s wrong with them. Otherwise if they had a good customer services they could had been the best fixed ISP.

  6. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Fibroniks speED, in line with NDS1. 🙊

    1. Imwe Mbeu

      🤣 zvaita seiko baba

  7. Gm

    Nyorai article yenyu after full research. You didn’t mention kuti that bundle only works for Fibronix not Wibronix. I couldn’t find it under my account only to be told after explaining to customer support. Otherwise thanks.

    1. Isaac

      But that was mentioned four times in the article, all the way from the title, 4th & 8th (emphasized) paragraphs, to the parent comment just before yours 🤔

    2. Isaac

      More than 4 times 😄

    3. Seven eleven

      Ko nhai Gm inga zvakatsetsenurwa wani zvakanaka naka. Asi maverenga ka small part mabva mamhanya kunotarisa kwakuona zvisiko kwakudzoka muchi posta nduru yakazvimba

  8. Anonymous

    Your ZOL/ Liquid home experience is typical of them. Their customer service is senseless and serviceLESS

  9. Running

    Customer care for many Zimbabwean companies is now a mirage

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