The E-creator statement on delayed withdrawals doesn’t make any sense

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It looks like we have to talk about E-creator facing problems earlier than we anticipated. We are on record warning that E-creator is a scam and that it will end in tears for hundreds if not thousands of Zimbabweans.

It gives us no joy to talk about this as I’m sure no one is thrilled that some unsuspecting people will lose their life savings when all is said and done.

E-creator has stumbled for the first time since its inception. See, E-creator promises that members can withdraw their deposits and commissions anytime.

Over the last few days, E-creator members have struggled to withdraw their funds. Some members tried withdrawing over 3 days ago and are yet to get their cash.

E-creator released a statement on why that is and it leaves a lot to be desired:

Notice: The reason for the delay in withdrawal is that E-Creator has obtained the E-Creator Merchant ACC of ecocash, so it needs to be connected with ecocash.

Future withdrawals will be free of withdrawal fees and can be made within an hour! There will be no withdrawal fees in the future,

e-creator’s ecocash ACC account supports one-click payment, and all withdrawals can be completed within one hour. Inform all E-Creator employees not to worry about cash withdrawals, and the company headquarters will handle all problems. Moreover, during the upgrade of the cash withdrawal system, the company will compensate employees for incentive activities. E-Creator will always develop stronger and stronger, E-Creator will make our life better and better

For employees who have not received the cash withdrawal for more than 48 hours, after the cash withdrawal reaches your account, the company will compensate you according to 4% of the cash principal you withdraw

If we can be frank, this statement is a whole load of nothing. It doesn’t make any sense. They say the delay in withdrawals is a result of an upgrade of their cash withdrawal system.

What kind of upgrade is that? – you ask. They say they opened an EcoCash Merchant wallet and it is not yet ‘connected with EcoCash.’

That doesn’t make sense for a variety of reasons. There is no way that an EcoCash merchant account would not be connected to EcoCash. It is an EcoCash account.

E-creator really said withdrawals have been delayed because they opened an EcoCash account and it is yet to be connected to EcoCash. That’s a ridiculous statement.

Some E-creator employees have been telling members that EcoCash and/or Econet, NetOne and Telecel are to blame for the delay.

One response from E-creator read:

The financial department is in the process of manual payment for the operator’s network problem today. Please wait patiently for your understanding.

It’s hard to decipher exactly what is meant but it seems to imply that their operators have been having network challenges. No doubt counting on the fact that we are prone to believe it, seeing as the operators have indeed faced many challenges of late.

This time around, the rest of us did not face those network challenges but somehow only E-creator did.

E-creator’s deposit and withdrawal processes

Here is how E-creator has handled withdrawals. A member indicates that they want to withdraw and they enter the EcoCash number they want the funds to be deposited into. E-creator uses a host of EcoCash accounts which I presume belong to some of their employees to make the transfers.

Indeed E-creator members say they receive their funds from random EcoCash accounts. This suggests that E-creator did not have a merchant account, for sure.

The same thing happens with deposits. E-creator members will deposit to various numbers, the example given in the E-creator handbook shows the deposit going to Edger Chikwendeni Lutepo.

If E-creator had a merchant account, they would have used that for the transactions above.

That may be but the question still remains, if E-creator’s income comes from posting fake reviews to Zalando and other platforms, why do YOU need to deposit any money with E-creator? Who has to deposit money with an employer before they can get to work?

Would a merchant account solve their problems?

Now that E-creator has a merchant account, we expect to see deposits going into the same account and withdrawals coming from that same account.

E-creator believes a merchant wallet would allow them to offer withdrawals in an hour. That is not possible.

See, the only way to liquidate a merchant account is to first transfer the funds to a bank account. Then you need to send a bulk payment order to then get funds transferred out to different accounts.

That’s easily a 48-hour process, at the very least.

This means E-creator’s promises cannot be fulfilled. It’s either they don’t know how EcoCash merchant accounts work or they are hoping their members don’t. I would bet it’s the second.

There will be victims

Many people who commented on our coverage of E-creator say they know that it is likely a scam but say they have already gotten back more than they put in and so are not worried about it going under.

That suggests that there will be no victims but that’s not the case. In due time, there are some who will never get back what they put in.

We talked to a few E-creator members and they more or less echo the comments we got before. One guy has $300 in their account but says he has withdrawn much more than that already. So, should the whole thing crumble, he won’t be in the red.

The other person we talked to is a higher-level member and would not disclose exact figures. He only says he has a few thousand in his account but has withdrawn more than that to date and so is in the positive.

That’s it for now. I hope members will rush to withdraw when withdrawals resume and the whole thing crumbles before it sucks more people in. However, I know that’s not going to happen.

I see many people have more or less been consoled by the silly statement above. I guess, it will take a longer period of delayed withdrawals to shake the confidence of some. We shall see.

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  1. The truth


    1. Leonard Sengere

      I feel like that sometimes. Kuti birwai but then I think of the older people who don’t know this is a scam who will be sucked in. But haaa, it’s frustrating.

      1. lee

        let’s hope zvichaita

  2. James

    I’m afraid coz l also staked my 100 usd in there

    1. Gunner

      If you did not recover your money dololo people knew it was a scam from the beginning

    2. Leonard Sengere

      I don’t think this particular stumble means the end. However, do withdraw as soon as it opens and do as the Shona do, and spit in a little hole and swear to never do it again.

      1. Isaac

        Haha exactly πŸ˜‚

      2. Isaac

        Turns out the next best time to withdraw was last week πŸ˜†

    3. Gulleys

      Ko iwe waigobirwa sei iwe uchiverenga TechZim content?

      1. Giny


  3. James


  4. Cde.

    You’ve been scammed! Tell them

  5. Timothy

    LOL. Leo and TechZim are promoting a bank run at E-creator so that is collapses sooner than anticipated? Damn. You are are one cold guy!

    1. Tendai

      if its legit it wont crumble

    2. Leonard Sengere

      I’m not cold 🀣🀣. I just want the thing to crumble before I start hearing my aunts and uncles talking about it. The earlier it dies, the fewer people will be affected. So, bank run please πŸ˜‚

    3. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      Kana chakaora, chakaora. If you know it’s going to collapse, what’s even there to defend to begin with. Or, do you want it to collapse after you’ve benefited. Lol

      1. RC

        Ponzi scheme yakaenda kuma extra lessons muchasvinura

        1. Isaac

          πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  6. KudaOnline

    Thank you for sharing this information about the issues surrounding E-creator and the delayed withdrawals. It is essential for users to know about potential risks associated with participating in such platforms. Users should exercise caution and be prepared for the possibility of financial loss when engaging in high-risk ventures like these. Sorry henyu kune vanyura. Next

    1. Leonard Sengere

      Hanzi ‘Next’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I think this is not the end but the end will come and kuchachemwa for sure.

      1. HustlerX

        Sure it’s not the end

      2. Isaac

        I’m with you there 🍻

    2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      What venture are you talking about? There’s no venture, sadly those social media eCreator evangelists are going to find themselves holding the ball, when it hits the fan.

  7. Never bet what you can’t afford lose

    Forewarned is Forearmed, and scam or no scam, TZ readers were well informed. Anyone who was still in it after all that I consider to be a willing, consenting participant who understands the risk and therefore, there is no pity from me. There is a chance ecreator rides this out, but again, anyone still in it will have zero excuses if things go bad again.

    1. Kaskas

      Birwai; handiti hamunamate here birwai

      1. Leonard Sengere

        Ndivo varikuba Kaskas, they are recruiting people to something that they know is a scam.

      2. Steez

        Clearly zvavharana. If it continues everyone will withdraw and thats not good for them.We saw all the red flags and now we just learned everything wrong with their explanation statement.Wake up people!

    2. Leonard Sengere

      Most think they are clever but they are just heartless. They are busy recruiting people to something that they know is a scam. They know the risks but they are misrepresenting those risks to other people that don’t know any better. It’s sick.

  8. Ruf

    Zimbos will do anything for a buck
    And they will scam each other first
    Need illegal in another country
    No ethics or morals
    Guess the gold mafia were right never trust a. Black man

  9. Kelly C

    Was this company really registered in Zim

    1. Justin

      Registration of a company hazvirevi chinhu. Izvezvi you can register a company that will never trade or yekutenga mazhanje chaiwo. What you should ask is, was the company regulated? Just like banks and insurance companies, since they take peoples monies

  10. Steez

    Clearly zvavharana.If it continues everyone will withdraw and that wont work out for them (ponzi scheme). We saw the red flags and now we have just learned about everything wrong with their explanation statement.Wake up!

  11. King joe

    Kuda zvemahara sterek kkkkk

  12. Gafa

    You didnt mention the main reason for E Creator’s widthdrawal delays. The main reason was people who widthdrew money on 1 July yakazopinda yakaita double for example munhu akawidthdrawer 100 yakapinda iri 200 and vangu 4000 so they are trying to review the transactions

    1. Isaac

      Shame, it’s not good for any business

    2. HustlerX

      Uhmmmm saka pakaipa ka twas really a technical error but are pipo honest enough to pay back what is not due to them?

    3. Sense not common

      They lied to you.Be logical my guy,use common sense.

  13. Isaac

    I have been waiting for this moment for a while πŸ˜‚. What’s even funny is it’s neither reflecting on Ecocash’s merchants site nor the billers site

  14. The one who joined late.

    Someone just said HQ is warning pple to stop withdrawing at the moment as these withdrawals that are being done during the upgrade may be affected and disappear forever, lol. Mine is stuck on withdrawing, am shaken. What kind of an upgrade wipes out previous transaction recordsπŸ€”

    1. 007

      Watovharwa you are never going to get that money

    2. Daddy Carloloo

      I’m someone who scammed after a deposit of 100us n for sure I’m so worried.I discouraged many people not to be in that business for the past 2 months n late on last week 29/06/23 cause of pressure vamwe vachiita mari ndakabva ndkajoiner n invest 100us. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“Shavi renhamo soo. If it is an issue of upgrading why they didn’t notify us before so that taigara tabudisa hedu uuumm I left with no option now

  15. Fanny is back guys

    Isu vamwe kuita quiet hakusikuda, I can tell to u guys kuti my mother was one of those participants we e-creator before vasati vadzoka kuZim vachiri ku South Africa apavaiwana more coz vaijoinisa vanhu vakawanda but vakazongonyura and she give all those people vavaijoinisa their money from her account imagine. I’m not saying kuti varikuita zve e-creator munofanira kusiya but we should know kuti when we are discussing nyaya dzakaita seidzi we should look at the advantages side and disadvantages side especially parikuitwa upgrade apa people munofanirwa kupa kwangarira.thats all.

    1. Kudakwashe Murindagomo

      Maiwe kani same same neyatakaitrwa ne berry max trading pachachrmwa

  16. E-Solutions

    Haha.. people never listen. But those guys who were now opening offices,what will happen to them?

  17. ComputerTheft

    I am going to launch mine in few days time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so no worries

    1. 1LetterV


  18. Anonymous

    if you go on the website, yakutotaura zvekubirwa mari hazvimeke sense. Mavharwa vakomana imi 😹😹😹

    1. Isaac

      fr? πŸ˜‚

  19. Vakoma

    if you go on the website, yakutotaura zvekubirwa mari hazvimeke sense. Mavharwa vakomana imi 😹😹😹

  20. Fanny

    Never listen to what

  21. kapela

    aaah zvaendwa

  22. Anonymous T

    Since now they are saying the e creator founder diapered, whaf will happen to the employees with funds in e creator

    1. Isaac

      They’ll cry πŸ˜†

  23. Anonymous

    E-creator has proved to be a scam if you log in now to your account before you click on confirm there is an article which they had posted now saying all of envestors money has been stolen by a Chinese man Zhao jiatong

    1. anduru

      Yes just saw it too.

    2. Isaac


  24. anduru

    We died for this country with MMM, 4Corners, fake bitcoin etc our bones resurrected and struggled forward only to be RKO’ed by ecreator

    1. Rol2023

      Read the link below it’s a repeat of how MMM fall in 2016.

      1. Allen

        I was a victim yeamMM snd since that day i never ponzied again

    2. Advance

      People must learn to work,
      Not to get easy money.
      You are paid for recruiting other people, to which company and what business?.
      Do your own feasible investments.

  25. Love

    This news about this web is true

  26. Pablo

    Thank you for the heads up

  27. Mamonya matete

    Ndakatobayirira $600 last week and Saturday was my going to be my 1st with drawal it’s hanging kubva 1 July ndakuhwakutsva

    Kuzamawo life win or loose ndikoko

  28. Jabu

    They should have trusted you as i did thanx for serving my money

  29. Savage ndogara kuchivhu munorthwood 😊😁

    ayenda ka nemarii zhong πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚maMama

  30. Arrested


    I hope the get arrest

  31. Village dude

    What I learnt join as soon as possible. So next time ndochipindira fast . As for this ecreator vakadya vakadya zvayendwa izvi

  32. Erling Zay 9

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Haa Ma yuts anga akutoona kunge e Creator yakagadzirwa na Baba vavo

    1. Allen

      Hakuna mabasa dude…. This is just the same as how mwos it harvesting your monthly earnings zvichinxi unohwina

    2. Fanny


  33. Victim

    Sue these guys

    1. Fanny

      Sue those who put their money in e-creator account 😭😭😭😭

  34. Daddy Carloloo

    Kkkkkkk 😁 😁 πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ ha pakaipa wank uuumm 600 it’s too much. Yeah success it about risking bro

    1. Peter

      Vanhu vachema guys

      1. Fanny

        Havasati vatanga 😭😭🀣🀣

  35. Allen

    Kubva zvandakarohwa mari yangu ne Mmm back in 2015 ndakabva ndaita stop ponzying ipapo ipapo… Mazwano chero mukando handiite😁😁😁
    About a month ago my chiq was asking abt it ndikamuti iwe siyana nezvekuda mari dzemahara unonyura

  36. Chingaz fx


  37. Fanny

    Asi ndakagara ndazvitaura wani kuti munhu ane US$800 muAccount ye E Creator akangofanana neni ndine 800 gold coins kuTemple run

    1. King Nacho

      Kkkkk haa ecreator yatipinza mutsanga… Ko vacho vataisendera mari varipi chaizvo… Econet ngaitionewo apa

  38. Fanny

    πŸ’”πŸ˜­ RIP to VA Guti,guys we should say rip on any of your page u have weather your FB,WP,IG.Twitter any platform guys.

  39. Rurue

    Everything cheap is twice expensive….manzwa bhata, hanty moda zvakapusa.

    1. Chinez

      Musadaro mageez titengese mafreezits here

  40. Quentin

    We are now afraid thinking of how much we stalked in Damn will be doomed if so happen 😳

  41. Timmy

    It’s like Mavroid mondial movement it’s a scam money pyramid

  42. Di Mafa

    It was always a scam, right from the beginning
    How can you be required by your employer to pay a deposit fee before you start working.

  43. Kyle Gwizo

    That is true e creator is a scam

  44. Fortune Nyamutswa

    E creator the way it handled its finance is like this ,if a member called Fortune indicated that he wants to withdrawal for example 30 us dollars , the e creator would wait till somebody , a member for example called Ivainashe , to deposit exact amount let’s say 30 us , Ivainashe would deposit directly to Fortune and on his e creator account it would reflect that he deposited and at the same time Fortune would have received his money , this is confirmed as on member when he received money from ecocash quickly went on facebook and searched the name of the individual who sent him money and found out that the same time He received his money was the same time that individual deposited money , E creator Is a scam

  45. Say Nomore

    The government through its broadcasting houses should also be held liable for this scam. How can you hoodwink your own people into believing that this whole thing is legit. They also ate chete these madalaz.

  46. ZiCrypto YouTube channel

    I was never interested

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