Zhao, the E-creator founder who tried to run away with US$1m has been arrested

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Well well well, the plot thickens. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has released an interesting statement. Apparently, Zhao Jiaotong does exist and has been arrested for his role in the E-Creator scam. I’ll be damned, I thought he didn’t exist but here’s the ZRP statement:



The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms the arrest of Zhao Jiaotong (39) in connection with a case of Fraud in which unsuspecting members of the public were duped through E-Creator ponzi scheme.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is inviting members of the public who might have been duped through E creator to report at any nearest Police Station.

We continue to implore members of the public to exercise due diligence before making any payments to ponzi or pyramid schemes purportedly offering quick investment returns.

NYATHI. P – Assistant Commissioner Senior Staff Officer (Press and Public Relations) to the Commissioner General of Police Police General Headquarters.

You will remember that E-creator released a statement saying Zhao was the founder of E-creator, not the guys that had claimed so for months. They said this Zhao fled with US$1 million of people’s money.

At the very least, we now know Zhao exists. Is he the real founder of E-creator and did he really run or try to run away with a million dollars? We shall know in due time as the man is in custody now.

Does this mean you will be able to get your money back? I wouldn’t count on it. Someone, somewhere will do time for the scam if we’re lucky but recovering the funds won’t be easy. I really hope I am wrong but for your own sanity, just tell yourself the money is gone.

I don’t quite know our track record as a country in bringing Ponzi scheme peddlers to book but I don’t imagine it’s great. That means, at the very least, let us rejoice that we might be able to get some form of justice this time around. Let’s hope that scares other would-be scammers away.

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  1. Anonymous

    What about other countries like Nigeria will they come to nail him on the cross also

    1. Face Culture, Face Slaps

      China went to the extent of producing propaganda that showed other nationalities bowing down and begging for forgiveness to a Han guy they are about to F up who pulled out a Chinese passport in self defense 😅 I’m sure they will, at the very least, secure the quiet ‘extradition’ of this dude before the hammers and nails come out! They need to keep the myth alive 😂

  2. Lamar_Nyasco

    Kkkkk ndipo pachabuda chokwadi apa,, if he stole funds he didn’t steal alone lol more names wilk come

  3. Stella

    I am happy with the arrest of the E-Creator founder

  4. nail them

    also arrest those that SOLD this cr@p to others !!! give their names to ZIMRA as well !!!!

  5. Y

    Does anyone remember Davidson Matanganyidze and the ponzi scheme company called Access to Capital. Well, Davidson was acquitted of of charges of fraud etc.

    If one has been careful in conducting the crimes and you get the best legal defense, its possible to get away daylight robbery or fraud or murder

  6. Isaac

    The news has spread faster than wifi 😄

  7. Hokage

    Regardless of this , those statements about Zhao transferring a million bucks through Ecocash don’t make sense .

    1. theta¢

      They certainly don’t make seznce and i don’t foresee ’employees’ being able to cashout at anytym inthe future

  8. Hokage

    Mmmm, black n white eh 🤔, mmmm the logo doesn’t have a transparent background 😒 , PATHETIC!

  9. Aynai

    Haa there is no Zhao apa ,mari yakatorwa nevana vevhu.

  10. Jay

    Hmm interesting…..where will people get the evidence if the app was closed down and there is no proof of the funds in those accounts.

    1. Y

      All lawful electronic money transfers leave a trail. It’s not like cash transactions which can be conducted without a paper trail. Ecocash has its own records Google has it’s own records. Its not a one-sided transaction.

  11. V3NOM

    Wow this guy had it coming

  12. CAME_plc

    Investigators should simply cause the reinstallation of the e-Creator software on the network and run it. All outstanding payments should be still be pending or employees had not initiated withdrawals. I am sure that should the most clinical way to arrive at the individual prejudices suffered by participants.
    Econet sims used for receiving float payments by participants or issuing payouts to participants should be made available. There were quite a number.

    1. Ndlovu

      Makes sense, why are you not part of our security forces kkk

    2. Decide

      Only if he has a backup of the Database otherwise its History…

  13. Anonymous

    Is it true this story

  14. Ndlovu

    Power of Black magic
    Monies will have to come back

  15. zimra take note

    also arrest those that SOLD this cr@p to others !!! and give their names to ZIMRA as well !!!!

  16. Dizzmany

    Ha guys ka Zhao shud just open the application n tongowithdrawer mari dzedu as usual ka .throuh ecocash

  17. Kukuu

    Last time we heard that Zhao akwira ndege atiza nemari …saka azosungwa kupi awanikwa kupi kwaasungirwa ?…police must give us full information

  18. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    You’ll find that not a single piece of documentation will have his name on it. Achatonzi, “he handed himself over after he found people abusing his name online”. He lost his passport months ago and was shocked to see it circulating online.

  19. Alfigio

    Death sentence

  20. Boss Guru

    Police Make Another Arrest: E-Creator Director Trymore Tapfumaneyi Nabbed
    The Zimbabwe Republic Police have made a second arrest in connection with the E-Creator Ponzi scheme. Trymore Tapfumaneyi, one of the directors of the company, was taken into custody on 13 July 2023 for fraud involving the scheme. This development follows the closure of E-Creator in July 2023 after it allegedly disappeared with over $1 million of its members’ money. This arrest comes shortly after the arrest of alleged mastermind Zhao Jiaotong.

    1. Dee

      Are we going to get back our money here guys

      1. Octivas Donora

        Mukomana ndaanovhuara application rake munhu wese oisa mari yake ku ecocash nyaya isangorambe ichitengeredzwa coz tichangozoudzwa ngano

      2. Prince

        You should remember that part of your money was used to pay others who withdrew before you

        1. Play The Game, Pay The Piper

          🤣🤣🤣Exactly! Those that cashed out a ‘profit’ are essentially in possession of stolen goods! Are they willing to return it so everyone gets their money back? Lol, I severely doubt it 😭

          1. Tt

            Kkkkk yah vakadya mari idzodz ndavadzore vakaba

  21. Zhao

    That’s a wow

    1. Mistubish Pajero

      Tech news mune mhosva yeku advertising E Creator you one of them you must face court

  22. Ree

    Zhao is a g*ng*

  23. Tsimuka

    Those Chinese are idiots nxaaa they should lock him up forever

  24. Morris

    Haha. I thought this guy doesn’t exist

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