Turn your ideas on how govts can improve their digital services into reality at Africa’s e-govt summit

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When someone says ‘parastatal’ or ‘state-owned-enterprise,’ what comes to your mind? I would bet that some of the words that rush to the front of your brain are ‘inefficiency’ and ‘technophobia.’ We have known this to be true for as long as governments have existed.

If there’s truth to that, what do we do about it? Across Africa, we have privatised a number of parastatals to varying degrees of success. However, we can’t privatise them all and the next best thing are PPPs (Public-Private-Partnerships.)

The private sector working with the government to streamline operations is something we love to see. Private companies can provide funding, expertise, or management to deliver a public service or infrastructure project.

We have talked to a lot of you entrepreneurs over the years and you have ideas on how certain parastatal operations could be automated, streamlined etc. What if you could help the government (the people) and get paid for it?

The sell

The Digital Government Africa Summit (DGA23) is a great opportunity for the private sector to connect with governments across Africa. At DGA23, businesses will have the chance to showcase their innovative solutions to government officials from all over the continent. This is a unique opportunity to make new contacts and build relationships that could lead to future business opportunities.

For example, a Zimbabwean company that develops software for e-government could pitch their product to the Kenyan government at DGA23. If the Kenyan government is impressed with the product, they could potentially sign a contract with the Zimbabwean company to implement the software in Kenya.

DGA23 is not just for businesses that develop software. Any company that has a solution that can help governments improve their digital services is welcome to attend. This includes companies that provide hardware, networking solutions, training, and consulting services.

If you are a business that is interested in government contracts in Africa, then you should definitely consider attending DGA23. It is a great opportunity to network with government officials and learn about the latest trends in digital government.

Research says governments are a bit more open to such deals in the wake of the pandemic and so the iron might be hot right now, meaning you have to make sure to hit it.


Ministers for ICT, Home Affairs, and E-Government Units from across Africa are set to convene in Lusaka, Zambia, this October for a series of high-level meetings with industry leaders. Hosted by the Zambian Office of the President, Minister for Home Affairs & Internal Security, and Minister for Technology & Science, has garnered confirmations from several influential ministers, including South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Angola, Senegal, Uganda, and many others. 

The Digital Government Africa Summit (DGA23) serves as a dedicated meetings-based summit between ministerial delegations and leading solution and technology providers in the field of e-government. These summit meetings will take place from 04 to 06 October in Lusaka.

The imperative to expedite the implementation of national electronic government plans has become more pronounced for African governments, especially in light of the challenges imposed by the pandemic. These governments experienced an average decline of 15% in tax revenues during the Covid-19 pandemic, partly due to the insufficient digitalization of public services. To address this critical issue, African countries are striving to advance their digital agendas, ensuring the establishment of robust and accessible government infrastructure for the seamless delivery of digital public services.

Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema, advocates for the Smart Africa agenda and has emphasized the pivotal role of digitalization in facilitating seamless movement of goods across borders. President Hichilema recognizes the transformative potential of technology and highlights the need to leverage digital solutions to streamline cross-border trade. He envisions the establishment of non-border posts achieved through advanced technology, eliminating bureaucratic barriers and promoting efficient trade facilitation.

To achieve this transformation, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) play a pivotal role, enabling governments to collaborate with businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Industry partners such as Thales, Cetis, Veridos, HID Global, IceTech, Palladium Group, Dandemutande, Imagine Smart Cities and many more, have joined forces with the Digital Government Africa Summit (DGA23) to support the ministerial summit. These renowned organizations bring their expertise and innovative solutions to the table, reinforcing the importance of public-private collaboration in driving the digital transformation of African governments. 

The outcomes of these crucial government-to-industry meetings are expected to shape the agenda for digital government infrastructure, electronic services, digital identity, online taxation, and information systems security in many African countries. To find out more about DGA23, please visit www.africa-digital.com.


  • What – Digital Government Africa Summit
  • Why – Government-industry meetings
  • Where – Lusaka, Zambia
  • When – 04-06 October 2023

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  1. Anonymous

    Zimbabwe is attending for the sake of T& C US $1000 per day!

  2. Chinese zodiac

    Oky I may be off topic now but @technews may u pliz take a look and give us your view on the now trending tech news of this thing going by the name WORLDCOIN, is it genuine its now trending in eastern Africa mostly Kenya . I have just read about it and its mechanism and the way it works ummm it’s not appetizing at all , something fishy there , may u pliz take a glance at it and give us more highlights


    I think Pindula is really dangerous. If you have a different opinion, they block you from accessing their app.

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        Last week, I commented on an article about people who were arrested at a “vuzu” party. I wrote that if the people at the party were adults, they hadn’t done anything wrong and shouldn’t have been arrested. It was a stupid comment. I was immediately blocked from accessing the app!

  4. Tech

    Out of 10 how do you rate Zimbabwe’s e-govt for
    1. effort
    2. ability
    3. Leadership
    4. Responsiveness

    1. Chibatamatosi

      zero zero


        effort – 30%
        ability – 50%
        Leadership – 20%
        Responsiveness – 10%

    2. 4 Decades Later

      1. Effort – 0.2
      2. Ability – 1
      3. Leadership – 2
      4. Responsiveness – 1

  5. Bonded Service

    A week ago I witnessed a paper delivery at a government office. That poor T35 was breaking it’s back! I haven’t seen so much bond paper since my days of shopping at Paroan Paper 😂

    E-governance is way overdue. My conspiracy theory is Paper Mafia is holding us back 😭

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