HMD, the company making Nokia smartphones is looking to make its own devices

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HMD Global, a hardware manufacturer under license to produce Nokia-branded smartphones has expressed some interest in producing its own devices. They have spent the last few years focusing on budget and midrange devices that move high volumes as well as reboots of some old Nokia classics like the 3310 and other flip phones but with modern tech like 4G.

I am thrilled to announce a significant milestone in HMD’s evolution – we are establishing an original HMD brand. You can expect to see a new portfolio of HMD branded mobile devices, as well as Nokia devices and collaboration with exciting new partners. 

Jean-Francois Baril – HMD Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO

HMD Global, through Nokia, has seen big jumps in year-on-year shipments with a recorded 34% year-on-year increase between 2021 and 2022. It also holds a 0.34% smartphone market share besting the likes of Sony, Asus, Itel, and Honor.

HMD will still continue to make Nokia smartphones and feature phones as the 10-year exclusivity license they signed with Nokia in 2016 is still in effect. This probably means we can expect HMD’s line of devices to come out around 2026. HMD Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO Jean-Francois Baril says they still plan on making Nokia-branded smartphones and that manufacturing of HMD devices will not spell the end of Nokia devices.

Nokia had been a long-time player in the telecommunications infrastructure business, one they ramped up significantly to meet the demand that the banning of Huawei equipment created in the western region. Liquid Intelligent Technologies selected Nokia for a 12Tbps fiber backbone link spanning 7 African countries earlier this year and with the recent rebrand that Nokia had, it is not very certain if consumer electronics will be something they will maintain on their product portfolio.


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  1. Nokian Acolyte

    Thank goodness I actually read the article instead of going off of assumptions based on the title! I thought they were going back to unique Nokia hardware design like from the early days instead of just shopping from the same place as Motorola, but alas😅

    Anyway, it’s good they are making something under their own name. Some product categories under the Nokia Brand are locked up by other players, making it hard to bundle devices or create the dreaded ‘ecosystem’. Plus I’m sure they’ll want some leverage or a backup come contract renewal time.

  2. Jojo

    Bought my nokia c1 amheno rinhi namhasi ichirikungokika chete ✋ yadonha amheno kangani. I love it

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  4. Paul Wee

    Looking forward to Nokia back in South East Asia countries which had enjoyed the earlier devices back in the 70s and 80seven into 90s. But alas till today we haven’t seen single device from Nokia yet ever since the smartphone stomp the world.

  5. Callie Lifly

    Given the quality of the Nokias it’s manufacturing right now, this might end up a distaster for hmd and Nokia or just hmd

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