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Techzim is a news blog focusing on covering business and information technology news, views and reviews about products/services in Zimbabwe and the surrounding region. We have a leaning towards “breaking it down” for the common man on the street, which sees us write lots of articles on ‘how-to’ do stuff.

We began with a niche audience but we are now mainstream. We are serving a growing audience of business leaders and consumers who rely on our information to make daily decisions about their business and technology needs. Our audience comprises decision-makers in the IT sector, early adopters as well as consumers browsing the internet looking for information on business and technology services. We help both novices and experts convert chaos into clarity. We have the widest ICT news reach in Zimbabwe and will grow our Business audience over time.

Got any tip or anything important to report? Anyone can reach us on tips@techzim.co.zw. Names will not be published where requested.

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Video Edwin Chabuka
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Editor Soul Kabweza
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Contributor Garikai Dzoma
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Statement of ethics

We don’t accept any money, or anything else of value, from the companies we cover, or from their public relations or advertising agencies. When we get gadgets or any value items distributed to journalists at press events and product launches, we give them away here to readers as prizes in small competitions. We do not keep any of the items.

We also don’t accept product discounts from companies we cover or from their public relations or advertising agencies. Any sponsorship or advertising on the site, an event or in any of our operations by any company we cover is fully disclosed as such.

Advertisers, sponsors and companies we cover don’t get to see any of our articles in advance, or select or reject topics.

We do not publish press releases guised as organic articles. When we receive a press release and decide to post it as is, we indicate clearly in the title that it is a press release.

We believe that good communication is the basis for a progressive tech community in Zimbabwe. This means that we will always communicate facts and report without fear or favour. This means that we will not report or feature something/someone because we are dying for content. We report because we are passionate about Zimbabwe and the benefits Technology can impart. If we deem certain issues to be of importance we will report them for the community to judge.

We do this because we love it and couldn’t think of a better way to contribute towards a more robust tech sector. Digital inclusivity is central to our beliefs.

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