About Techzim

Techzim is an information technology and business publication that obsesses about the opportunity of tech particularly the internet for individuals and businesses in Zimbabwe and the greater African region.

We publish news, analysis and opinion on tech and related contextual issues with a focus on breaking it down for the novice whilst still engaging the most sophisticated practitioner. Our content ranges from the practical ‘how to’s’ to discussions on business models and policy.

When we started we had quite a niche audience but we have long since gone mainstream producing text, videos and podcasts that help the most respected business leaders, policy makers and the average guy/gal make daily decisions

Providing the Zimbabwean/African Context

Techzim is used as a resource by global news organisations to get the local Zimbabwean tech/business story and to paint the local context. We have done this for the following organisations:

Techzim Community

Techzim has grown to become more than a digital publication where some ‘experts’ tell the world what’s going on. A lot of times the discussions that happen in the comments below articles are richer than the articles themselves.

Our WhatsApp community groups  for example, are platforms where people just help each other with such basic things as troubleshooting mobile phone issues. In the groups a lot of opinion is shared, issues are explored and relationships are formed. This is one of the foremost missions of Techzim: stimulating conversations. We have similar communities on the major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook

Techzim Market

Techzim Market is a place where the Techzim community discovers deals, value propositions and solutions for their daily needs. Techzim acts as an affiliate to merchants, and service providers that want to reach our growing audience and community directly.

This service is based on the trust and confidence our community has in the Techzim brand therefore we are careful who we affiliate with. Whilst we want to have a broad database of service providers and merchants for our community to have choice, we demand that these partners have integrity. Proof of anything less than good faith and integrity results in us taking down the partner from the marketplace or not getting into the affiliate relationship in the first place.

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