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“Everything you wanted to know about the contentious Bitcoin upgrade” but were too afraid to ask

You may have heard bitcoin likened to a currency or commodity. It’s both of those things actually. Bitcoin is also a third thing – a payment network. What confuses most people that are new to bitcoin is how the word ‘bitcoin’ is interchangeably used to refer to all these 3 things: a currency, a commodity […]

What every first time entrepreneur should know about raising money from investors

My company, BitFinance, has raised over $50k from 4 different investors over the last 2 years and as we’re preparing to go for another round of fundraising, I’ve been reflecting on the things that have worked for us, the lessons we’ve learnt and how much easier it would have been if someone had written a […]

10 things you didn’t know you could use bitcoin for in Zimbabwe

One thing that makes bitcoin so hot is that it allows us to make transactions and move money in ways that were not possible before bitcoin was invented.  We’ve compiled a list of 10 areas where bitcoin shines: #1: Online payments With banks continuing to restrict the use of debit cards online, it continues to […]

It’s all in the planning: Here’s how an African Bitcoin startup is using Trello

Here’s how BitFinance, an African Bitcoin startup is using Trello, a productivity tool, to get tasks done.

How we use Git for collaboration at BitFinance (A Zimbabwean tech startup shares)

I’m leading a team of 6 developers who are working in different geographies across different working hours, and the best investment I’ve made on behalf of the company so far, is getting us on GitHub. Just to give you some background information, our platform, BitcoinFundi, is built on Ruby on Rails but it’s more than […]

EcoCash Hack: Here’s how you can pay less transaction fees

I went to an EcoCash Agent to withdraw the $60 I needed to buy a ticket for the Startup Weekend. I had $62 in my EcoCash wallet in my EcoCash wallet then. When I tried to make a withdrawal, I got this message: I didn’t realise that the transaction fee for withdrawing $60 is $2.30 […]

Bitcoin is not just a currency & Mt. Gox is not Bitcoin

So, Mt. Gox is dead and gone. In as much as my heart does bleed for those who lost their money there, I’m also happy we have seen the last of them because they were largely responsible for many negative blog posts by journalists who who seemed to think that Mt. Gox was Bitcoin. I see the Mt. Gox issue as a good test […]

Credit cards were not designed for the internet

About $7.6 Billion is lost to credit card Credit Card fraud each year. Now if you’re a merchant, your biggest fear is probably not that someone is going to steal your identity and/or credit card information but rather that a fraudster will use a stolen card to make a payment on your website. That’s because […]

Press release: Muzinda Umuzi Hub to host a hackathon

Every 10 years, all the science textbooks should be thrown out. As the world changes and as more scientific knowledge is unlocked we find that science constantly turns out to be wrong or has to be updated. In 1970 for instance, everyone thought we were going through global cooling. That changed. In the 1970s everyone […]

What everyone should know about bitcoin

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you have probably heard about bitcoin. What makes bitcoin fascinating is that it’s the first currency which is not just free, as in ‘free beer’ but free as in ‘free speech’. In fact. In fact, ever since the first standardised coins were created in Western Turkey in the 7th Century BC, money has never been associated with all of the following 3: Open, Universal and Free. Bitcoin changed that.