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TelOne Has 15km of Fibre to Mutare And Is “Progressing Well”

This week, the Herald carried an interesting article on the national fibre backbone project. Carefully titled “Laying of fibre optic cable progresses well” the article disclosed that TelOne, the country’s only fixed telecom operator is digging a fibre cable trench to Mutare.

Telecel Submits Indigenisation Proposals

Yesterday we received an interesting press release from Telecel. Normally we just go over the press releases and fish out the newsworthy stuff and give you our take on the issue. Yesterday’s press release is different.

Telecel introduces call-me-back facility, missed call alert, and adds more countries to cheap call destinations

The country’s second largest mobile operator, Telecel Zimbabwe, has introduced the call-me-back facility. The ‘CallMeBack’ allows a subscriber to send a free text message to another subscriber requesting them to call back. To date, only Econet had the facility enabled on its network.

VACANCY: Information Security Professionals Wanted In Zim (101 Career Advice) – Part I

At one point early in our lives we were asked; “What do you intend to do when you grow up”. I remember so well that almost everyone in my Grade 2 class wanted to be a medical doctor. However, life being so dynamic we all ended up following different career lines.

When Econet’s 3G Will Open To All Subscribers

Since Econet launched 3G on it’s network last year in August, the services has had more than a few problems. First it was that 3G itself was only limited to the greater Harare.

Information Security Policy

Building up from the “Information Security Program: The Foundations and Anchors article” posted two weeks ago. This article will provide an overview of what security polices are, creating policies and what benefit it will bring to your organization. Information is an important business asset and is valuable to an organization. In present day business environment, […]

Google Switches On Street View in South Africa

It’s official, you can now walk around South Africa right from your computer.

FOSS And Community Driven Software Initiatives

As I went through the various articles and tweets this on year’s first IDLELO conference, I couldn’t help wonder about Zimbabwe’s standing on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). I generally find FOSS issues interesting and intriguing. I’m quite fascinated by basic concepts of humanity at work.

The Era Of Ultra Fast Ubiquitous Broadband Coming To Zim: The Cyber Security Concerns

Currently there are so many initiatives and developments by some of the big players in the networking and mobile industry in Zimbabwe such as Econet, Africom, AfricaOnline, MWeb, Powertel

Econet Kills Libertie

Starting tomorrow, the Libertie and Prepaid Business Partna packages will be killed off gradually. Subscribers on the two discontinued plans will be automatically migrated to the new unified Buddie plan re-launched in the morning today.