Introducing Deals Friday


Fridays were not meant to be ordinary yet here on Techzim they have been almost just that.


Not anymore. Starting this Friday, we now feature a unique deal every Friday. How does that work?

We will feature one gadget (well does not need to be a gadget every time). We will look around for as great a product as we are able at a reasonable price. We will offer this product to you on our Deals Section. You then buy this product online straight from the Deals Page.


Your purchase will then be delivered to you arriving by the following Tuesday (Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and most other urban centres. Other places delivery tme may be longer). As we launch and for a while, you will not be charged any delivery fee.

Why are we doing this? We are convinced e-commerce has great potential in Zimbabwe and this potential is not being utilised. We also know that you (Techzim followers) are progressive and early adopters of modern solutions.

This gives us a unique position to influence the market and stimulate genuine adoption of e-commerce. We want to build a case for local businesses to invest in e-commerce. One of the questions we are frequently asked (by businesses and consumers alike) is whether or not e-commerce works in Zim. Why not investigate the answer right here?

You and I also want to prove to our cousins that buying online can be done safely and it is not complicated at all but rather convenient. Yes, we will do it one product at a time, just one day in the week at a time but the case will be made.

The Deals Section will only be functional on Fridays and the featured item will change every Friday. Look out tomorrow (Friday the 17th of March 2017) for the very first deal on our deals platform. Happy Friday!!

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10 thoughts on “Introducing Deals Friday

  1. Won’t this taint ur reporting in someway
    Products u sell, other ecommerce platforms on zim, can ur reporting of them be now trusted since u are now also in the game
    can understand the needx to monetize
    and u are probably better placed to make ecommerce explode in zim since people trust ur platform and u have analyzed a lot of startups in the industry e.t.c

    1. Hi. Yes it was subject to some debate this side too. Our conclusion then was that if we want to really investigate and understand the opportunities and challenges of e-commerce in Zim we might have to experiment on it ourselves. You are right that we have an advantageous position to test this out and we will share the results publicly.
      If we then decide to enter into the e-commerce space proper, we will announce too…

    1. Hi Tinashe
      We are really experimenting with this and we would want to limit variables to a minimum hey. As we experiment, we still do not want to disappoint people who will buy that’s why we will do one deal on one day hey

  2. And also can you please include the starting time in your article. Me just being me, couldnt help but go straight to thee link to check the available deals but im told to check after 10am.

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