Now that he’s gone, what are your expectations in this new Zim? (Tech of course!)

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Well, whenever we mentioned the government and tech in the same line, it had somewhat of a complaint attached to it. An example off the top of my head, emap. Yes, I say ‘mentioned’ in past tense because I am a strong believer that this is going to be a thing of the past.

However, this indeed is not the end, but only the beginning! In as much as we can celebrate what has just happened, we’d need to remember that there’s a future to live (geez, I’m beginning to sound like a party pooper). I think it would be good for us to start projecting a tech environment that we’d want now so whoever comes in power is aware of our concerns prior.

So, this is the time to voice our concerns, even better when we still have this hype and optimism. I know first thing’s first #DataMustFall. It’s obvious that leveraging on the internet has been a challenge due to the constraints associated with accessing it, chief reason for that being price. Due to this, there hasn’t been much incentive for devs to come up with new products or be innovative seeing that their market is automatically limited locally that is. Of course, I’m not giving this as an excuse, but I know a part of you agrees with me.


Second thing would be delivery, when the ministry of ICT says they are giving grants, then they should give grants. We don’t want to break sweat working on something that will take forever to be considered or not at all. In fact we expect more grants for startups. There are a lot of great ideas that did not see the light of day because of lack of funds. I know entrepreneurs always say lack of capital is an excuse but remember not every techie is an entrepreneur or has an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’.

Third thing would be a change in the curricula. By that, I mean there should be some investment in ICT so much that  our educational facilities should be able to keep up with the rest of the world. We are done learning outdated stuff simply because we ‘can’t afford’. We are done learning things that we won’t even use outside of the exam. We are done having to start learning the things we actually need to know only when we start job.

Oh and speaking of jobs…

But no, I shall not preempt the slate. I need us to all be involved in this and make use of the comments section below.


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