Facebook Opens Up AR Studio For You To Create Augmented Reality Experiences

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Facebook Camera AR Studio

You know those cool effects you can use to add a wizard hat on your head or breathe fire out of your mouth? Well, now you can make them yourself and showcase your creative powers on Facebook. Facebook recently announced that they’re opening up their AR Studio which will allow you to create these augmented reality experiences.

Earlier this year, they released the Camera Effects Platform (CEP) which allowed talented creatives to create these augmented reality experience. Even though the Camera Effects Platform was now being used by over 2000 creators, it was only available to a select few as it was in closed beta.

Now, with AR Studio, anyone can build their own animated frames, masks or interactive AR experiences for use in the Facebook camera and live broadcasts. AR Studio has already started rolling out so you can download it from their website and start building your own augmented reality experiences.

Another cool thing is that you’ll also soon be able to develop 3D digital objects for people to place onto surfaces and interact with in their physical space. Like you know with Snapchat, you can create a character that looks like you and then within Snapchat, you can take a video of that character doing something like eating cereal with hot sauce and then breathing fire out. Something similar to that is what will be coming to AR Studio.

Many people love these augmented reality experiences and it’s no doubt that Snapchat is the one that really pioneered the uptake of such tech in social media. However, would you build on a platform that’s not really used that much? Think about it, how many people use Facebook Stories compared to Snapchat or Instagram Stories or even WhatsApp Stories?

Fewer people probably use Facebook Stories.Given how you can share your Instagram Stories directly to your Facebook Stories, maybe more people will start using Facebook Stories as time goes on especially if more augmented reality experiences are added there.

Having an open development platform will definitely help Facebook and could be damaging to Snapchat given how their augmented reality development platform isn’t open to third-party developers.

Let us know if you as a developer, creative or augmented reality fan will be using AR Studio to build different cool things for Facebook Camera and live broadcasts. Also, what kind of experiences would you want Zim creatives to create?

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