Whatsapp Admins Can No Longer Add Group Members Who Have Left The Group

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Whatsapp has revolutionised the way we communicate but its far from perfect as well. There are still many minor frustrations that have come with the Instant Messenger (IM).


Groups… Groups… Groups…

Chief among them for me is the fact that a group admin can add you to a group without your consent. To make matters worse, up until now if you left a group chat the admin could add you back into that group and you had no say in that matter. Whatsapp is now attempting to right their wrongs. Going forward, if someone exits a group, the admin can add them once and if they leave again you can’t re-add them.


As you can tell this is not a perfect solution but it seems Whatsapp is aware that people are irritated by being forced into groups when they want to take no part in the group. Two hours the group admin tried to add me again and he failed, so we are not sure how long it takes before they can add you again but this new feature mean that group admins now have limited attempts to add you into their groups.

We want more!

This is an ‘ok’ feature but I think they still need to do more about this. A perfect solution would include a group admin actually sending a request for a member to join and then from there you accept the request and then you are let into the group. Hopefully, we’ll see this soon.


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11 thoughts on “Whatsapp Admins Can No Longer Add Group Members Who Have Left The Group

  1. Its an imperfect solution what if someone leaves the group by mistake? Would a link work?

  2. Can you provide us with better and more relevant technology news in Zimbabwe?

    1. I’m sure the person being added can always decide whether or not the group is important to them.

  3. On the emojis please add a disability emojis e.g a wheelchair bound person.

    1. I think those will be coming soon, there has been a lot of discussion around that recently so that’s probably a few months away

  4. true we need better tech news…which revolve around burning issues in the local arena.

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