Ongoing EcoCash Issues Prompt NetOne To Invite Disgruntled Econet Subscribers To Join Their Service

In the wake of the challenges faced by EcoCash over the last two days, NetOne have not wasted any time pouncing on fed up Econet subscribers.

Fair play?

A disgruntled customer tagged NetOne in their tweet disclosing how fed up they were with Econet:

This wasn’t the only tweet with disgruntled customers wanting to make the switch:

A sentiment shared on Twitter by one person is that NetOne trying to capitalize on EcoCash’s woes is unethical. That was one of the funniest tweet I’ve seen since EcoCash started facing their ‘technical challenges.’ I don’t know why one would be of that thinking, but to me it just seems logical that rival telcos would obviously love to poach subscibers from each other and one of the best way to do so would be capitalizing on poor service by a fellow rival.

Econet are walking down a risky path…

Obviously, this is not an intentional disruption but that doesn’t change the fact that this outage is a massive inconvenience to Zimbabweans.

Many people have continued using Econet regardless of being disgruntled with the cost of data compared to rivals, especially NetOne. The OneFusion offering has meant many users have either bought a second SIM card or have outright abandoned Econet since the data offerings can’t be compared. One of the main reasons why people have stuck to Econet is because of the EcoCash service and the convenience it offered.

It’s a bit worrying when this convenience is stripped away and depending on how bad of a problem this is (EcoCash won’t disclose just how bad the situation is or how widespread) these are the things that get people fed up with services and maybe EcoCash fails to realise how quickly the tide can turn. There has been a short and meaningless communication and their point and when I look at this situation closely, I think this is disrespectful to consumers and subscribers who are the people who put MNOs in positions of power.

Silence speaks volumes

Econet did not even bother to send customers messages notifying them of the outage (I didn’t get one), which has led to subscribers continuing to attempt transacting even though they run the risk of losing their money and going through multiple loops to get their money back.

I’m sure this silence adds to the frustration of many customers and it would be better if EcoCash were being direct or at least giving timelines as to when this issue will be solved or at least disclosure of what is going on instead of just sticking to the cliché “technical challenges” statement.

What happens when the one reason why many are still subscribed to Econet is no longer as compelling? Time will tell…

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14 thoughts on “Ongoing EcoCash Issues Prompt NetOne To Invite Disgruntled Econet Subscribers To Join Their Service

  1. They are only thinking of joining NetOne, not yet joined. Its a tactic to get attention we all do it!!

    Econet resources go deep! You cannot make any money or top up transaction to NetOne whilst you are abroad. NetOne is not a serious international player. This is a cashcow which netone is missing.

    I dont waste my time trying to do business with someone on NetOne if lm outside Zim, either you are on Econet or you dont get my bollars.

    1. So you think your business makes a difference to non-Econet subscribers? Calm down please.

      1. Thats the reality, its easy to pay for services via ecocash if you are not in zim than others. We can deny it all we want!!

        1. Yes, that’s a reality. But, non-Econet subscribers do not feel deprived of your business. That’s a fact too!

          1. Its a game of numbers, and numbers do not lie! Econet leads the pack thats why it affects a lot of people.

            Netone have changed their wallet services so many times, and maybe most of the times its non functional but not a lot of people use it to notice the impact.

            If they can add internationally supported services, l will be the first to jump ship!!

  2. To all those who went to the school of ethics; check out the Ford F-150 advert that talks of a Ford being better than a Chevrolet. In North America that’s the norm. Idyai maEthics kana achibhadhara kuZimbabwe

  3. The truth is Econet’s services have been quite poor especially the last two years or so. It’s not about ecocash crashing alone but even generally the entire network has just been weak.
    A part of me believes Econet adopted government’s attitude towards its citizens by taking adavantage of their tolerance to bullshit..
    But I wonder how much more can Zimbabweans tolerate?
    Poor call quality, way way expensive internet and finally an ecocash service that was expensive and heavily unregulated and abused on their watch….

    Econet knew its problems but instead of fixing it all they simply took adavantage and continued to rape its customers… and guess what they will still get away with this..
    And while all this happens some of you are like a certain minister who once called a certain president cremora….

  4. I moved over to net one a for almost a year now and I can trek their Internet is easy better than I was getting on econet…I’ve recently got the one money… To those who haven’t moved enjoy being ripped off… And you can still use dual sim if you need ecocash that’s what I do… The one fusion is really good and I put my whole family in it… Now I even can from the Bedroom to the kitchen… @macd there’s no need to choose your customers on their mobile network you don’t make or owe anything to econet…they have a monopoly so they using it

    1. Thats the reality, its easy to pay for services via ecocash if you are not in zim than others. We can deny it all we want!!

  5. There is no point in aguing all services are now connected to ZIPIT so the difference is the same…

  6. Come to Bindura & see the place where Econet customers go when they have a problem.It has no shelter & resembles a rural tuckshop if not worse …elderly people in queus in the sweltering Bindura heat .Everyone wonders why Econet does not use the other shop at NASSA complex

    1. So you are saying people are prepared to suffer blazing hot sun rather than move over to NetOne or Telecel. That tells you a story isnt??

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