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The Fall Of The 1990s Bus Operators

Growing up we used to know many bus operators that plied many routes and we would see them everywhere because they were famous. Those bus operators just vanished off the roads and up to this day very few of them are still operational. Most of the old folk think its poor management of operations by the children of the patriarchs that started those companies that lead to the premature death of the bus companies.

Are The Old Folks Right?

Do you really think poor management was the only factor that led to the humpty dumpty fall of these particular Industry Giants? If it was poor management whose poor management? Is it not a combination of many factors that might have led to the collapse of those bus companies?

After observing a small trucking company that has been operating for 10 months, run by so many business savvy people, I have come to a conclusion that many factors are the reason why many fleet managers are failing to manage their fleet hence the premature deaths of these companies.

What Problems do Fleet Managers encounter?

Whilst most fleet managers and truckers are thinking of cost cutting and  profit maximization measures, there are other factors behind their backs that are indirectly or directly affecting their business. The way some drivers handle themselves whilst operating company vehicles and wearing company regalia is sometimes unruly and unprofessional and because of that, clients may shun some companies without them knowing.

In some instances, unethical practices like parts and fuel theft and drivers being idle in areas they are not supposed to be can cost the company some time and time is money. Since the operators are very far away geographically and out of sight, the drivers can just do small unethical practices that may be humongous in the long run.

Whats the solution to all this?

The solution to all the headaches that may be caused by any of the things mentioned above and many others is simple. If you ever have fleet management problems think Car Track Zimbabwe. Car Track has made Fleet Management a walk in the park by offering these solutions for Fleet Managers.

There is no need for trucking businesses to sink because of situations that can be controlled. Like i said some headaches are unnecessary just engage experts and smile all the way to the bank come month-end.

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