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TelOne Rolling Out Nationwide Face-Recognition Technology

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TelOne is now planning to make our beloved country, a road-crime free country by installing face-recognition technology to help the authorities in apprehending law unabiding citizens.

According to a BusinessTimes report, TelOne says the technology which will first be introduced in the city of Mutare, will also be widely rolled out at traffic lights (robots), airports and in cities across the country.

The government, which is a partner in this project, has already given its blessing. Speaking at the Smart City launch last week in Mutare, TelOne Innovation Executive Jeremiah Munembe said;

TelOne has offered to roll out face recognition technology to the city of Mutare starting with traffic road rules monitoring. This partnership will see TelOne implementing red light violation cameras, speed cameras and public cameras across the city. Mutare will be able to automatically fine law violations leading to improved revenue collections……This technology which recognises the face of an offender or suspected criminal at any given time when one is near a camera will be installed at various traffic lights and airports across the country

Of course, the wide-roll out will depend on whether it makes business sense or not for TelOne. And the government’s (big customer) willingness to have face-recognition technology is all that’s needed for Telone to make a business case for this initiative.

Given how the government is seemingly warming up to this kind of technology, TelOne is likely going to rake in some good dollars by having the government as its customer. Besides, which is still a parastatal, kind of had an in with the government and was better placed to get the deal.

Suprised to see Telone dealing with this kind of technology?

You shouldn’t be surprised to see TelOne venturing into this space of face-recognition technology. The state-owned telecoms operator lately has experienced an epiphany which has prompted it to adopt the TMT model (Telecommunications Media and Technology model).

Telecommunications is its inborn service, that’s being spearheaded with driving up home internet connections, leads its nascent Media services (spearheaded by DEOD) and Technology services (spearheaded by this face-recognition technology).

So apparently, trying to venture into face-recognition technology is just one baby step of it trying to grow its Technology side of the business. Furthermore, TelOne’s state-of-the-art data centers will come in handy in storing and analyzing the data collected from the face-recognition technology. Thus, providing enough of a reason for Telone to venture into face-recognition technology.

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3 thoughts on “TelOne Rolling Out Nationwide Face-Recognition Technology

  1. For traffic offences, I would have thought the key s number plate recognition (similar to what exists at toll gates). Then there is need for integration with CVR records and police records. This will mean that a car that has traffic violation in Mutare can be fined in another place where police have caught it

    1. It’s a combination of both. The face also needs to be present. You must remember that a fine is applicable to the driver, not to the car. The owner can easily say they weren’t driving the car that day and they aren’t sure who was.

  2. Whichever way we look at it, it’s time we incorporated new technologies to our country. Who knows what that will bring from our techno savy unemployed youths. One or a couple of them can join hands and do something profitable

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