EcoSure Registering Customers Without Their Consent. What’s Going On?

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It seems EcoSure is going the extra step to make sure that when you pass away things are dealt with as a number of Econet subscribers have been randomly getting a message telling them that they have subscribed for EcoSure, even when they haven’t.

We’ve come across a number of users who have gotten the following message from EcoSure informing them of their registration:

You have successfully paid RTGS$1.00 to ECOSURE PREMIUM (79281) Merchant.

Here are a few of the people I’ve seen complaining about this issue on Twitter and amongst my contacts list.

This problem isn’t affecting every subscriber. I didn’t receive the message, so it’s not yet clear why there’s a certain section of subscribers receiving this message and what criteria those subscribers are meeting.

In moments like this, one feels for people in rural areas who don’t necessarily have platforms like Twitter to raise these issues and in some instances may not even understand what the messages they are receiving from their network operator mean.

Unfortunately, this error (or what we are assuming) is an error is actually deducting the dollar from subscribers mobile money wallets.

Why so many problems?

Of late there seems to be a number of service interruptions for many Econet-related services. A few days ago, Elevate logged most if not all it’s users out of the application and for hours the application was not working. A few weeks ago, many users complained about having an incredibly hard time using their EcoCash with intermittent service disruptions. A few days ago the EcoCash mobile application also stopped working but that problem was attended to quite quickly. Econet and the associated brands that have been affected with this disruptions and service mishaps have not said anything to address the issues (except Elevate) at hand so it’s hard to know what exactly is going and if any of this is related or not.


  1. Anonymous

    have received the messages too i dont kjnow whats going ?

  2. protestor

    happen to me today they are thieves

  3. Anonymous

    They took my dollar this morning from my wallet without my permission they must stop this nonsense

  4. Anonymous

    I received same massage today around 0730hours, I call customer care and no answer yet.

  5. E mazhetese

    Workers at Econet are mischievous I dont know where that money ends up in? They have become thieves of our money I hope noone of them has created ghosts accounts like what once happened in Steward bank. Tisakanganwa chanezuro nehope!

  6. Chris

    I received too and got shocked. Kutozonyepawo kani hanzi “YOU have successfully registered”. Inini manje.? Nguvai?

  7. Anonymous

    I also received the message but had not subscribed is that not abuse?

  8. Anne

    Also got deducted 1 and was ready to storm into econet on Monday and create hell till I got the apology

  9. Thembz

    Also got the msg and wondered what’s going on. They can’t force us to have policies with them. Rangu dollar richadzoka on Monday

  10. Tawanda

    Its a technical fault i hope the affected guys can pardon Ecosure they didnt mean to do you wrong

  11. Anonymous

    Got same message and ws shocked but by end of day they returned my dollar and sent apology sms citing technical error.

    1. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    I received a refund on the same day and an apology.I guess it’s a technical glitch let’s not act a if at our workplaces systems don’t go haywire

  13. Sharon

    At first I got surprised when a deduction was done but after a few hours I got an apology message and my refund as well. So it means all that was done in error due to a system challenge. What more can you ask for when you get an apology plus your refund on that particular day.

  14. Takawarasha

    This happened to me as well. At least they had the decency to refund the money. Hope the error doesn’t happen in the future

  15. Kenny

    Happened to me too but I’m glad they acknowledged the mistake and refunded us. I guess system challenges do happen, even to he best or biggest of companies.

  16. Anonymous

    At least they were quick to apologize and refund me. Guess it was just one of those unexpected glitches

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