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UPDATED: Multichoice NOT Shutting Down South African DSTV Accounts Being Used In Zimbabwe

When we first published this article, we wrote that DSTV was switching off customers who were accessing South African accounts from Zimbabwe.

This is not true however. We profusely apologise for carrying that story.

The truth is a bit more complicated and we will publish on that very soon explaining exactly what’s going on.

Yes, accessing South African DSTV content from anywhere outside South Africa is illegal and not permitted by Multichoivce. They just don’t have a way of stopping such pirate accounts from receiving signal.

Again, very sorry for running an inaccurate story. We will give you details soon.

Here’s what’s really happening with DSTV South African accounts in Zimbabwe

Multichoice’s response to the circulating story

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38 thoughts on “UPDATED: Multichoice NOT Shutting Down South African DSTV Accounts Being Used In Zimbabwe

  1. kkkkk this is either fake news or Multichoice is bluffing. The decoder will have to have an inbuilt geo sensor that will couple with software for it to know know where it is. This can only be possible if they’ve implemented the technology on latest decoders or the explorer connected to an internet modem otherwise if one sticks with old decoders its virtually impossible to know where one is receiving signal from. This reminds me of a ZBC DJ who said on radio that ZBC will be cutting off radio signal for those that had not paid licenses

  2. They could download GPS software on to the decoder which will then send it’s position to them then they will switch it off. But why bite the hand that feeds you

    1. Software alone isn’t enough, the decoder will need geolocation hardware for the software to work

  3. 😂😂😂and just like that Dstv loses chunks😂, so glad I got rid of Dstv years ago.

  4. Turned my dish a planter years ago, and I don’t regret it, besides TV rots the brain

  5. It’s not because Zimbabweans are so in love with South African channels but it’s because Multichoice Zimbabwe charges more for less and more boring channels than Multichoice South Africa.The Zim packages are pathetic

  6. Show us the original statement from multichoice SA like you normally do, otherwise this is fake news.

  7. It might be possible if all decoders have a geolocation hardware installed, and the other thing which complicate this isthe LNB is a one way so technically they cant receive ping replies.

    1. The new decorder proberbly have an in built Geo sensor than using lnb. Explorer 2A decorderfor example

  8. I think it’s childish cause those using SA channels made a choice to give DSTV money via that channel and switching them of will not make them use DSTV ZIM. All they will do is look for other options. People think and act in accordance with what they have thought. Thought control does not work.

  9. Did u even read the purported statement? English like it’s written by a Grade 3 child. No such statement would be from Multichoice

  10. Dstv is just selfish on subscribers not in South Africa. High subscription rate but give you repeat programs.

  11. Why are people bothered so much by what other people do. If I chose to get South African channels and am willing to pay for it, who is inconvenienced. Why should MultuChoice care. Handiti chavari kuda imari.

  12. Multychice is battling in South Africa they have lost a huge percentage of viewers to Netflix and Showmax. Cutting down Zim decorders will definately put a dent on their data base.
    I have cut of DSTv i only pay for one home.

  13. is it illegal, or against their terms of service? there is a difference between the two.

  14. It’s as if DStv is an open view decoder. The better if you close. You would have saved us thousand of Rands @ by end of the year. With your old movies I used to watch in my parents VCR. Playing Rambo 1;2;3 in 2019.Music channels playing Gqom music non stop as if we all love kwaito. To hell with you Multichoice

  15. Multichioce is now legally allowing zim based accounts to be paid in South Africa 🇿🇦

  16. Dstv knows about this for a very long time, but would they sacrifice at least a million of those accounts for SABC channels and eTv? Never, this won’t make any business sense. Would they invest their much needed R1m for technology that will cost them at least R30m from those accounts? A big NEVER!!!!

  17. Don’t think they will at all, they are getting a lot from those decoders
    Soon they might even getting adverts to be aired on those channels by Zimbos

  18. Once again techzim guys you have been found spreading fake news with your earlier article coz it’s all over WhatsApp. Quick lesson please have an Editor not just one person thinking of something and then publishing it, coz with the time that article was published it seems like a one man job

  19. We are lucky here in Kenya. We just use Beinsports decoders imported from middle east. Full subscription package is just $130 per year. Compare that to your stupid multi-choice. Anyway it’s also illegal for us but piracy is always there.

    1. She’d more light, am from Malawi and would like to have a decoder from BeinSports, what’s should I do?

  20. Better we continue accessing SA viewing coz it’s of better value and quality on programming than Zim Acc

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